Dec 11, 2011

Lergic Reaction

Today in Sunday School
while handing out graham crackers
covered with peanut butter:

Me: "Anyone allergic to peanuts?"

Kate: "I am."

Me: (While panicking and imagining myself
having to tell her parents what I've done
while frantically trying to find an epipen!)
"Oh my goodness!...give me that back!
Go wash your hands RIGHT NOW!

Kate: "...ok..."

Kate:"Teacher, what does 'lergic' mean?"


Me: " you eat peanut butter at home?"

Kate: "Yep...I love peanut butter."

Me: "Yeah...that's what I thought.

Dec 8, 2011

I love Christmas!

I love Christmas!
I know sometimes this is not popular...
But I can't help it.
I love everything about it.

When everyone is saying,
"We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet!!"
I'm secretly thinking,
"Hurry up Thanksgiving,
Christmas is coming!!!"
Not that I'm not thankful!
I just can hardly wait.

Things I love about Christmas:
Not in order, by the way,
just as they come to me...

1. I love the fact that you can tell others
about Jesus without them even realizing you are.
People are way more tolerant of your witnessing
during Christmas season.

2. I love all the sparkly lights!
They just cheer me up, somehow.
When the kids were little we would drive
through neighborhoods and look at lights.
It's free! Which is one of the reasons we did it!

3. I LOVE Christmas carols.
Not during the rest of the year...
but I can start listening to them before Thanksgiving.
They're such happy, hopeful songs.
Songs of the awaited Saviour of the world.
Who would not want to sing about that.

4. I love that families get together.
(Whether they like it or not!)
My family growing up never focused
on the things we didn't agree on...
We focused on our love for each other.
It's OK if we don't have the same opinion about something.
Let's enjoy each other.
So far I have had at least one or two kids
around at Christmas.
I'm thankful for that.
I told Russell the first year that we
didn't have any kids coming...
I want to spend Christmas in Manhatten!
(Don't's a long story)

5. I love all the decorations!
I love putting them up...
I love looking for new ideas on the net...
(my new favorite site:
I love seeing them in someone else's house...
(so I can steal the idea next year)
and I LOVE opening my Christmas chest
of decorations and seeing all the stuff I love!

6. I love shopping.
Now this for sure isn't popular!
But I love seeing all the weird people...
and normal ones, too.
The music playing in the stores...
Buying things for people I love...
(Figuring out the perfect gift)
Everyone is usually joyful and happy.
Russell and I love Black Friday.
Always have.
All the commotion and noise and activity.
(Not in Wal-Mart though)
This year we were sick...
Had to shop online.
Not near as fun.

6. I love all festivity
of a Christmas Program.
I love knowing people will come out
to see a Christmas Program when
they normally will never come out to church.
I love knowing they are hearing the gospel...
and, just maybe, it will change their life forever.
Like it did mine.

7. I love the anticipation. Getting everything
ready. Making gifts, planning menus, making lists.
I even kinda like the stress. I work well under
pressure, so it pushes me to get things done.

8. And most of all, I love the fact
that someone loved me enough to leave
his kingdom, come to this wretched earth...
and die for me so I could spend eternity with Him.
What a wonderful Saviour we have!

So even though Christmas is very commercial,
it doesn't have to be in my heart.
It's a time of joy, anticipation, and Thanksgiving,
and a celebration of the Christian Life!

If you don't like this season...
that's OK...but likewise let it be OK
that I love it!

Dec 6, 2011


Yesterday was my oldest son's Birthday,
so I thought I would remember some of
the things that make him Adam:

We had friends that used to make furniture.
They made us a beautiful lamp...
Winnie the Pooh and all the Pooh characters.
It was really beautiful!
When I was in the bathroom...
For maybe 2 minutes...
I realized I couldn't hear him.
(With Adam, that always meant something bad!)
He had climbed up on the dresser
and with his little cobbler hammer
absolutely cracked it to pieces.
Our friends never spoke to us again.

When my Aunt came to visit...
he decided to sample her makeup.
One at a time, all over the wall.
Mentholatum, lipstick, etc.
The room smelled like Mentholatum forever.
It was great during cold season!

Once we were getting ready to take
Aaron to a Dr. appointment.
"Adam, we are getting ready to go,
get on some clean pants."
So he begins to take his pants
off OVER his tennis shoes.
(Tennies were huge back then)
"Adam, that won't work, you have
to take off your shoes first."
"No, I have a good way!"
"Well, you better hurry, cause I'm going."
So he gets his pants down around
his shoes...and gets them stuck.
They wont come down or up.
"Adam, hon, I gotta go. Go down
with Grampa at the other house."
As I drive off, I see in my rear view
mirror, Adam running down the drive,
crying, with his pants dragging behind
him, still stuck on his shoes.
My Dad still loves to talk about that one.

Or the time he decided to paint his model
on a wobbly 6" wide library table...
in our new home...
over our new carpet...
with red paint!
You know what happened.
An hour later with the
emergency carpet cleaning people...
it looked almost as good as new...

 Or when he made fake blood...
smeared it all over himself,
dripping out of his mouth...
and came up to me crying.
He almost wound up really bleeding
after that one.
(Although, he might want to consider
a career in makeup!)

I speak of all the funny things,
and all the things he did wrong.
But there were so many wonderful times
in between.
We learned to be Mommy and son together.
Neither one of us knew what we were doing.
He was the guinea pig...the one we tried
everything on first.
...sorry, son...
But just so you know...
We are very proud of you.
And thank our God for the day
you were born.
(Well, I thank God for the day after
you were born! The day you were
born I'm pretty sure I was telling your
Dad that this was never happening again!)

Anyway, we Love you.
Keep serving God...
And raising your family for His glory!
And make memories of your own!