Aug 12, 2013

Un-urgent Care

I went to Urgent Care today.

Not sure why they call it Urgent care.
Certainly nothing going on there can
in any way be considered Urgent!

There were 2 doctors
and 3 people before me.
I sat there for an hour and a half.
I could've diagnosed them
in less time than that.

I think a better name would be
"Take your time-talk to your wife, kids and friends
on your cell-while patients sit in a windowless room suffering-care".

Aug 10, 2013

Why Worry?

I'm a worrier...
like my father before me.
(Sorry, couldn't help myself...)

Sometimes I wake up at night
and start thinking
and worrying.
So I don't get the sleep I need...
and am grumpy and joyless
the next day
and it's hard for me to
concentrate on my Bible.
Even though that's the very thing
that will keep me looking
at things in the right way.

Why do I do this?

And I know
that if I go sit down
and read my Bible
and talk to the Lord...
I'll feel better.

Yet, I don't.
I wallow in my miserableness...
(Yes, it's a word!)
I tell myself
I have soooo much to do.
I'll never finish everything in time.

So I wind up finishing everything in time...
and can't enjoy it cause
I'm not right in my heart with God.
Cause worry is sin
and will rob me of peace and joy.

And I wonder why I'm miserable.

That's where so many people live their Christian life.
They hear every week from the Pastor
how to live victorious...
They listen to others advice...
about how to have peace and joy in Christ...
They feel the Holy Spirit prick their heart
about the things they should do to draw close to Christ.

Yet they don't and then wonder why they are miserable.

We need to just start doing what we know is the right thing.
The thing that will draw us close to God.
Where we know peace and joy abide.

Yeah, we may have to give up a few things...
but isn't it worth it to have happiness,
and not to have to worry,
to live a joyous life
where everything is right with the world?

It is worth it...
we know it is.
But do we want it enough
to do something about it?

I do!