Dec 29, 2013

Sages Leave your Contemplations...

I love Christmas Hymns.
I look forward every year
to singing them.

This year our family did a special.
"Angels from the Realms of Glory"
The third verse really struck me this year.

"Sages leave your contemplations,
Brighter visions beam afar,
Seek the great Desire of Nations,
Ye have seen His natal star."

By the world's standard
there have been many wise men
throughout history.

Many wise peoples and races...
many wise thoughts,
many wise observings of human nature.

But notice here
(and I know this is not God's Word)
the author says to all the wise men
leave your contemplations,
leave your great wise thoughts
because there is something much greater
than all your wise wonderings...
there is something Brighter to seek...
The Great Desire of Nations!

David said,
"I understand more than the ancients,
because I keep thy precepts."
Ps. 119:100

He realized that because he knew God's Word
he was wiser than all the ancients.

We as Christians need to remember this.
Nothing you ever read will ever be wiser than God's Word.

You might say, "Well, some of these wise men
say things that are true!"
Yep, maybe so...but I guarantee all the wisdom
they have acquired came from God.

James says, "Every good gift and every
perfect gift is from above,
and cometh down from the
Father of Lights, with whom
is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."
James 1:17

If you come upon some great wisdom...
you got it from God whether or not
you own up to it.

Quoting Scripture or writing down
a Bible verse is far wiser
than all the wisdom
from all the wise men
from the beginning of time
until now...
and it always will be.

Dec 27, 2013


When I look at myself
I see so much that I need to work on.
So much that I need to change.

I live by sight so often...
and not by faith.
I look at the circumstances around me...
and not at the glorified Christ.

I look at others who have it all together
and think..
I'll never measure up...
I'll never be good enough...
I'll never hear the words,
"Well done, thou good and faithful servant"

There's so many things...
I can't even remember them all
to pray for them.
I get caught up in trying to pray
for them all...
in trying to be good every day...

But when I look at Him
all I want is to be close to Him.
I don't want to worry about
all those things that I can't
ever seem to fix.
I just want to be surrounded
by His love...
to be lost in His Presence.

My prayer these days?
"Lord, help me to stay close to you.
That's all I want...
to be close!"

And I know that if I'm close to Him,
everything else will fall into place.

The most important thing
is not if I'm good enough...
I'm not and never will be.

The most important thing is...
being close to Him

Dec 14, 2013

Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace

"Seeing then that we have a great high priest,
that is passed into the heavens,
Jesus the Son of God,
let us hold fast our profession.
For we have not an high priest
which cannot be touched
with the feeling of our infirmities;
but was in all points tempted
like as we are, yet without sin.
Let us therefore come boldly
unto the throne of grace,
that we may obtain mercy,
and find grace to help 
in time of need." Heb. 4:14-16

You know what I've noticed about myself?

That when I'm being a good girl...
You know...praying like I'm supposed to...
staying in God's Word...
not being negative...
not doubting...

When I'm being good and doing
the things I should be doing
then, I come boldly to the throne of grace.

But when I'm struggling...
not reading like I should...
not working at being close to Him...
struggling with doubt...
full of shame...

I'm not as ready to come 
boldly to the throne of grace.
Why is that?

Because I'm looking at it all wrong.

I'm not to come "boldly" to the throne of grace
because of who I am...
because of how good a girl I've been...
because of all the good things I've done today...

I can come "boldly" to the throne of grace
because of who He is...
because of how good He is...
because of what He has done!

So during those times of self doubt and shame...
I can still come boldly to the throne of grace!
That's why Christ
to make peace between me and God.
And nothing I ever do will ever add to that!

It's never been about me...
It's always and forever been about Him!

Nov 3, 2013

Haven of Rest

Just read the words, don't sing them.
Let them find their way into your heart!

My soul in sad exile was out on life's sea,
So burdened with sin and distrest,
Til I heard a sweet voice,
Saying "Make me your choice;"
And I entered the Haven of Rest.

I yielded myself to His tender embrace,
And faith taking hold of the Word,
My fetters fell off
And I anchored my soul;
The "Haven of Rest" is my Lord.

The song of my soul, since the Lord made me whole,
Has been the old story so blest,
Of Jesus, who'll save whosoever will have
A home in the "Haven of Rest!"

How precious the thought that we all may recline,
Like John the beloved and blest,
On Jesus strong arm, where no tempest can harm,
Secure in the "Haven of Rest!"

Oh, come to the Savior, He patiently waits
To save by His power divine;
Come, anchor your soul in the "Haven of Rest,"
And say, "My Beloved is mine."

I've anchored my soul in the "Haven of Rest,"
I'll sail the wide seas no more;
The tempest may sweep oe'r the wild, stormy deep,
In Jesus I'm safe evermore.

Thank you, Jesus
that I am safe evermore.

Nov 2, 2013

Dirty Little Secret

Last night as we were checking
out at a local grocery
the cashier was talking
about how they were hoping
to get all the Halloween stuff sold
so they could start getting
the Christmas stuff out.
She was very exicted!

The guys in line behind us
looked at her with disdain and said,
"It's not even Thanksgiving yet!!"

She hung her head in shame
As well she might
for thinking she could be
excited about Christmas
when Thanksgiving hasn't arrived yet!

I don't get this...
I love Christmas
and start getting mildly excited
in September.

It's like a dirty little secret...
All of us who love Christmas
have to quell our enthusiasm
until the first of December

It's like if you are excited about Christmas
it means you don't like Thanksgiving
and what's are unthankful!

And you're very materialistic...
cause the only reason you like Christmas
is because you want presents. should die a horrible death
if you even think about listening to Christmas music
until after Thanksgiving!

Guess what?
I've been listening to Christmas music
for two weeks already...
And I'm excited about Christmas!
So there!

Shoot me...

Oct 29, 2013


Recently we went on a trip
and spent tons of time driving....bored...
I began to notice that street signs
are very negative.

'Road narrows...slow down'
How about one that says
'Road Widens, Party On'

Or 'Yield ahead'
I'd rather see one that says,
'It's all about you, just keep going!'

'Be prepared to Go'
instead of
'Be prepared to Stop'

Here's one I hate to see
when I'm making good time,
'Speed reduced ahead'

Let's see just once,
'Speed increased ahead,
blow 'em out of the water!'

'Divided highway'
That sounds so forlorn...
'United highway'
sounds much happier.

'Rough road'
OK...I never see these,
but as I live in Montana
they probably couldn't afford
to put them on every street that's rough!
Just once I'd love to see
'Smooth road'

'No center stripe'
Idaho seriously needs to
get some of these!
On second thought
it might be cheaper
to just let us know
when there IS a center stripe.


'No Outlet'
Guess I can't plug in my toaster
on this road.

Here's what we see in Montana
before they fix the potholes...

And here's what we see
after they fix the potholes.

 Or how about the one
that threatens you if you speed
in a construction zone!
I'm thinking they should pay us
to drive the speed limit!
After all, we're the ones
that are inconvenienced!
Or give us flyer miles
for every construction worker we miss!

I have no idea what this one means...
I think it means my heater's on...


Isn't this just what you want to
see when driving thru the wilds
of Tennessee on a dark, rainy night!

Oct 18, 2013

Rainbow and PeeWee

I have two new young hens.
Mango and Kiwi.
Very sweet little hens.
Therefore, all the other hens
are mean to them.

Poor little things...
Yvonne (chicken lady)
says to leave them alone
and not to watch them
if it bothers me.
I tend to want to go out there
and dispense judgement
to the merciless wenches.

But Yvonne tells me
that the pecking order
is very important
and I shouldn't interfere.
When I walk in the coop,
Kiwi flies off the roost
into my arms.
I'm certain she's saying,
"HELP! They're all after me!"
Yvonne says it's more like,

Russell called his Mom
to tell her about the new hens.
She likes to be kept abreast
of chicken matters at
the Hoover household.
Mom:  "What are their names?"
Mom: "What?"
(She doesn't hear very well)
Russell: "MANGO AND KIWI!"
Mom: "Oh...Rainbow and Peewee...
isn't that sweet! Is Peewee the little one?"
Russell: "...sigh...yes, Mom, Peewee is
the little one.

Here's the new girls:

Oct 2, 2013

Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?

Must Jesus bear the cross alone
And all the world go free?
No, there's a cross for everyone,
And there's a cross for me.

The consecrated cross I'll bear
Till death shall set me free,
And then go home my crown to wear,
For there's a crown for me.

Upon the crystal pavement, down
At Jesus' pierced feet,
Joyful I'll cast my golden crown
And His dear name repeat.

O Precious cross: O glorious crown!
O resurrection day!
Ye angels, from the stars come down
And bear my soul away.

How I long for the day
I can cast my golden crown
And His dear name repeat.

Oct 1, 2013


We hear so much about Barnabas
being the son of consolation,
about being an encourager...

But I read this today:

"But Joses, who by the apostles
was surnamed Barnabas,
(which is, being interpreted,
The son of consolation,)
a Levite, and of the country of Cyprus,
Having land, sold it, and brought the money,
and laid it at the apostles' feet."

Barnabas left his country...
sold everything he had...
came to the apostles...
and said: "I'm in!"

He gave up everything,
just to serve the King of Kings.

He knew all his stuff
was just a hindrance to serving Jesus Christ.
Just something that had to be taken care of,
worried about, and dealt with.

With nothing to his name
he could freely serve Christ,

"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed
about with so great a cloud of witnesses,
and the sin which doth so easily beset us,
and let us run with patience the race
that is set before us..."

I pray I could be like Barnabas 

Aug 12, 2013

Un-urgent Care

I went to Urgent Care today.

Not sure why they call it Urgent care.
Certainly nothing going on there can
in any way be considered Urgent!

There were 2 doctors
and 3 people before me.
I sat there for an hour and a half.
I could've diagnosed them
in less time than that.

I think a better name would be
"Take your time-talk to your wife, kids and friends
on your cell-while patients sit in a windowless room suffering-care".

Aug 10, 2013

Why Worry?

I'm a worrier...
like my father before me.
(Sorry, couldn't help myself...)

Sometimes I wake up at night
and start thinking
and worrying.
So I don't get the sleep I need...
and am grumpy and joyless
the next day
and it's hard for me to
concentrate on my Bible.
Even though that's the very thing
that will keep me looking
at things in the right way.

Why do I do this?

And I know
that if I go sit down
and read my Bible
and talk to the Lord...
I'll feel better.

Yet, I don't.
I wallow in my miserableness...
(Yes, it's a word!)
I tell myself
I have soooo much to do.
I'll never finish everything in time.

So I wind up finishing everything in time...
and can't enjoy it cause
I'm not right in my heart with God.
Cause worry is sin
and will rob me of peace and joy.

And I wonder why I'm miserable.

That's where so many people live their Christian life.
They hear every week from the Pastor
how to live victorious...
They listen to others advice...
about how to have peace and joy in Christ...
They feel the Holy Spirit prick their heart
about the things they should do to draw close to Christ.

Yet they don't and then wonder why they are miserable.

We need to just start doing what we know is the right thing.
The thing that will draw us close to God.
Where we know peace and joy abide.

Yeah, we may have to give up a few things...
but isn't it worth it to have happiness,
and not to have to worry,
to live a joyous life
where everything is right with the world?

It is worth it...
we know it is.
But do we want it enough
to do something about it?

I do!

Jun 14, 2013

I Don't Belong

It's not home
Where men sell their souls,
and the taste of power is sweet.
Where wrong is right,
and neighbors fight,
While the hungry are dying in the street.
Where kids are abused,
and women are used,
and the weak are crushed by the strong.
Nations gone bad,
Jesus is sad...
And I don't belong.

I don't belong
and I'm going someday
home to my own native land.
I don't belong
and it seems like I hear
the sound of a welcome home band.
I don't belong,
I'm a foreigner here,
Just singing a sojourner's song.
I've always known
this place ain't home...
and I don't belong.

Don't belong...but while I'm here
I'll be living like I've nothing to lose
And while I breathe
I'll just believe
My Lord is gonna see me through.
I'll not be deceived
by earth's make-believe
and I'll close my ears to her siren song
by praising His name,
I'm not ashamed...
Cause I don't belong.

But I belong
to a kingdom of peace
where only love is the law.
Where children lead,
and captives are freed
and God becomes a baby on the straw.
Where dead men live
and rich men give
their kingdoms to buy back a soul
Where sinners like me...
become Royalty
and we'll all belong.

Yes, I belong...
and I'm going someday
home to my own native land
where I belong
and it seems like I hear
the sound of a welcome home band.
Yes, I belong...
no foreigner there
singing a sojourner's song.
I've always known
I'm going home
where I belong.

Yes, I've always known
this place ain't home...
and I don't belong.

-by Buddy Greene

Jun 11, 2013

Crisis Averted!

I wonder how many years you have to be married
before your husband realizes
that when he talks to you about
how he fixed the car...
you are absolutely not getting it!

I honestly try to understand what he's talking about.
But I get lost somewhere after he says,
"Here's what I did..."
My eyes glass over
and my mind shuts down.
Wouldn't you think he'd notice
the lobotomic stare and drool?
So then I have to pretend
(that's a nice word for lie)
that I know what he's talking about

I don't dare even hint that
I might not understand what he's saying,
cause then he'll try to explain
(which will take twice as long)
and I still won't get it.

Russell:  So then I jacked this doohickey
back and forth and the fluid started
squirting up and out of the cylinder...

Me:  Mmhmmm...
(while looking very interested but thinking inside
"when will this horrible nightmare end!)

Russell:  Then I noticed it was scraping
cause the thingamajigger wouldn't clamp down properly.

Me:  Uh-huh... this point I must ever so subtly change the subject
or I'll be here all evening listening to the wonders of mechanics.

"Want a Brownie?"
Food should always be involved...preferably sweet food.

He'll have a blank look on his face and say something like...

Then I show him the milk carton...
"With milk?"

"Uh, yeah...sure"

"What was I talking about..........."

Bulls Eye!

Another crisis averted!

Jun 10, 2013

The Love of the Father

You know what I love about the Father?

As soon as He sees you make a move towards Him,
He makes up the rest of the distance in double time.

The father looked every day for his son to return to him.
Watched the roads, lanes, looked over the fields...
waiting for his beloved son to turn back to him.

And one day, all his faithfulness paid off
and he saw his prodigal son, dejected, penniless...
returning to the only place he ever experienced real love.

And the father dropped everything
and ran to him while he was still
a long way off...

And then the most amazing part...
the father didn't reprimand him...
he hugged him and kissed him and
told him how much he loved him.

Our Father likewise...waits...
until He can see our heart turn towards home.
Then He meets us there...
we don't have to make the whole journey alone.
He knows...and meets us at the moment we turn back.

I need that
cause I've gotten lost before,
and haven't been able to find my way back.
But He always sees and meets me there!

Thank You, Lord for loving me more than I love you!

May 28, 2013

Important Info on Boat Numbers

Russell and I love to canoe...

And we are very good at it...

As evidenced by our last experience...

We drove the truck and the car to bull river.
Park at the top...drop off the canoe...
drive back to the bottom...leave the car...
drive back to the top.

Carry the canoe down a perilous mountainside...
(well, not exactly perilous...just makes the story sound better)
put the canoe in the water
being very careful not to dump all our lunch in the water
(this is a very important consideration...after hours
of canoeing I need sustenance!)
and being careful not to get the lures caught on our face
...and...we're on our way to a day full of fun and fishing...
...and lunch.

Five minutes into the ride
there is a huge tree hanging over the water
and, of course, the current is going right under it.
No big deal for experienced canoers like us.

Russell is in the back...always..
he's the head canoer
which means he gets to yell at me
and tell me what to do
even though I'm probably already doing it.

"I am rowing, what do you think I'm doing up here?"
"We're going towards that tree...Row"
"I AM Rowing"
"Were going towards that tree...ROWROWROW?


When we finally come through the other side,
with various cuts and scratches on our
face, shoulders, arms, knuckles, knees...
(being very thankful for the canoe protecting our...feet...)
we have to then pull the lures and lines out of the tree
while at the same time not letting the canoe tip
as it's still sitting in the current desperately trying to get away.
We finally manage to get the lures free
while dabbing at the blood covering our bodies.
We row (and I use this term loosely)
our little battered canoe over to a little island,
(and I use this term very loosely).
It's pretty much a pile of rocks
with water running over it.

As we're pulling our pitifully wet lunch
out of the canoe...
"Honey, are the numbers supposed to be
on the front of the boat
or the back of the boat?"
"The front...why?"
"Well...I'm pretty sure we were rowing backwards."
"Just get in the boat!"


May 26, 2013

Moving Mountains

"...for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. " Matt. 17:20

I have been praying for something for quite some time now.

A few weeks ago I read the verse that says..

"Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."  Mk. 11:24

I know it needs to be something in God's Will...

Praying for a million dollars isn't gonna work
(pls. don't ask me how I know)

1Jn 5:14  And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:
1Jn 5:15  And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. if I know it's in His Will...
and if I believe...
I will receive.

So what's the problem then...
I know it's His Will.
So then, the problem is me.
I don't have enough faith...
I don't really believe He's gonna do anything about this.

Often we pray about things we can envision happening.
And maybe we pray about something seemingly impossible...
for awhile...
but then we give up...after all
that's probably not gonna happen.

When was the last time you prayed about moving a mountain?
I've never prayed that.
Why? Cause I don't think it will happen.
I'm not using the faith God has given believe.
(And partly because I can't think of a reason that God
would want me to move a mountain...)

But when I read that verse
I felt God chiding me...
"When you pray...why are you not believing
it's gonna happen...when you know it's My Will?"

I determined that I was gonna believe no matter what.
I quit thinking that it wasn't gonna happen...
and began to think about when it did happen.
And when I would feel doubt creeping in to steal my faith,
I would think, "Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief."
And I began to feel hope again.

Not two weeks later...
My prayers were answered.
The prayers I had been praying for years.

I can't help but wonder...
how many prayers could be answered
if I would just believe.

And I wonder...
how many mountains are waiting to be moved.

May 4, 2013

A Gift

I watched a video today
from a young woman
who has cancer
and is dying.

She said she wasn't afraid of death necessarily,
she was afraid of missing out on life.

She wanted to see her kids grow up,
She wanted to see her grandkids,
She wanted to grow old with her husband.

I cried for her sorrow...
I cried for my shame...
for what she considered a gift,
I look at as a curse.

Growing old, that is.
I hate it!
I hate not being able to do
the things I used to...
I hate how people treat you
when you start getting old,
like you no longer know what
you're talking about cause you're old.

Yet she wanted to grow old.

I realize what a gift I've been given.
To see life through til the end...

To see my kids through their milestones.
graduation, marriage, children...
To see my grandchildren's face light up
when they see me...
To see them run to me
with their little chubby legs
and arms outstretched.

A gift that I have been ungrateful for.

Oh, I love the grandchildren thing,
just not the growing old thing.
But you can't have one without the other.

See, that's the gift...
to know that when God takes one thing away
He puts something else more wonderful in its place.

He may be taking away my youth...
But he's giving me something in return.
To see physical life fulfilled.
Something some will never get
the opportunity to see.

Dare I be ungrateful
for such a precious gift?

And on that day when He calls me home...
He'll again replace that which He has taken away,
with something more wonderful.
Real life...eternal life...
Thank you, Jesus
for this wonderful gift.

"O that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!"
Ps. 107:8

May 1, 2013

Dr. Doolittle

We used to call my husband Dr. Hoover.
Cause whenever someone was sick
he always had to head up the critical response team.

Well, now the kids are gone...
and I'm in Seattle...
and he's there all alone...
with the critters.

So he has become a different kind of doctor...
Dr. Doolittle.
Yes, he talks to the animals.

More than one person at church has told me
"Pastor has been around the animals too long?"

Our conversations every night have to include
a running commentary on every animal.
(Thank goodness he can't tell the difference between the chickens!)

Strider's limping today...I think he pulled something.
I massaged his shoulder.
The vet said he should be fine, keep an eye on him.

Percy got in a fight...somethings wrong with his little paw
so I'm letting him sit in my chair.

Kirra woke me up last night crying at the fence
Cause I didn't feed her enough and she was hungry.

One of the chickens is missing...
not sure where it went or how it got out.

It's like when your kids are little
and everything you have to say concerns them
and you talk baby talk most of the time
and aren't sure how to converse with adults...

Yeah, it's like that...

Hang on, Russell, I'm coming!

Apr 12, 2013

"The 7th Floor"

The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
 is a busy place.
People all having something to do...
everyone going everywhere.

The first floor
is where the lab is.
Almost everyone goes there.
Some everyday...
others a couple of times a week.
Always packed.
The elevators to parking
and the upper floors are there also.

The second floor
is the restaurant
and Imaging.

Third floor
is Dental and Women's Health.

Fourth floor
is Oncology.

Fifth floor
is Infusion and Pharmacy.

Sixth floor
is where the Doctors meet with you
and where all the scheduling is done.

We spend most of our time on the fifth floor
and the sixth floor.

But then there's another floor...
a secret floor...
where none of the patients get to go.
You have to have a special card
hanging around your neck
that you swipe to get there.
And no one even knows what it looks like
cause, of course, everyone thats left
gets off on the 6th floor.

The people that swipe
their special little secret card...
never seem to smile...
never converse.
They swipe their smug little card
and stand in the corner, alone, in the dark...

One young guy
I see everywhere,
on almost every floor,
carrying a backpack
filled with "who knows what"
always going to the 7th floor.

What's going on up on the 7th floor?
Are they doing secret experiments?
Maybe they're having a big party up there
that they don't want anyone to know about.
And what's in that little black bag
that has to be delivered to the 7th floor?
Maybe it's CUPCAKES!!!
for the party they're having...
maybe it's blood
for the creepy experiments they're doing.

I must know these things.

One time when Russell and I were in France.
We went to Mont St. Michel.
We were touring the monastery
when a guy comes out of a rickety old wooden door
closes it...and walks off.
What was behind that door?
I had to know!
So, we looked around to make sure no one was watching us...
and went in the door.
Around and around and around
this spiral staircase
all the way up to the roof of the monastery.
We took pics and sat up there for awhile
overlooking the sea and the town of Mont St. Michel.
It was very memorable and one of the funnest
parts of our trip.

Now, I doubt knowing what's on the 7th floor
will be very memorable OR fun.
And I'm sure they're doing something
very boring, yet life saving...
but I can't stand not knowing...
it eats away at me...
it invades my dreams...
okay, enough of the psychotic ramblings.
Maybe I'll just ask someone...
or maybe...
when someone's on the elevator
going to the seventh floor...
I'll just stay on
and say I'm waiting for it to go 'round the bend.

And then if I see people wearing lampshades
and eating cupcakes...
I'll know they're having a party.
Or if I get met at the door
by a three headed dog...
I'll know they're doing
creepy experiments.

But I'll know...
and that's the point!

Apr 6, 2013


Monday is Laura's Birthday
so I went to a cupcake shop
that I saw on Yelp.

Lots of good reviews...
Plus the lady that started it
was on the Martha Stewart Show.
So I decided to get cupcakes
for Laura's Birthday.

It was in a neighborhood of Seattle
called Wallingford.

I always get a little anxious
going to new neighborhoods
in Seattle...
cause I never know what to expect,
(as in the case of Broadway!)
and if there's gonna be tons of traffic
or anywhere to park.

Turns out
Wallingford is this super cute
older neighborhood.
Lots of beautiful older homes and buildings.

Trophy Cupcakes was situated
in an old school house
that they remodeled into an indoor shopping mall.
WITH tons of parking!
(that's a biggie)

I kinda wanted to get one of every cupcake
(cause I'm not great at making decisions...
especially involving chocolate)
But wound up getting six:
Double Choclate, Chocolate Vanilla,
Red Velvet, Salted Caramel Chocolate
Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Very Vanilla.
(I got the Vanilla one cause I felt guilty getting all Chocolate)

Can't wait to go back to Wallingford just to browse
all the storefronts and cute stores and restaurants.

Mar 21, 2013


Never assume anything
while driving around Seattle.

Never assume the blocks are square.
If you take a wrong turn...
don't assume you can just turn
at the next block
and come back around again...
cause you would be wrong.
Where you might end up, though
is on the other side of town
before you can find a way to get back.
This does make for interesting experiences, though.
Yeah, I've pretty much had my fill of interesting experiences!

Never assume that as long as you go somewhere
before 3 you won't have to worry about traffic.
Cause you would be wrong.
I seriously think there are a million people
just wandering around in their cars
trying to make life miserable for everyone else.
...and they do...

Never assume people will smile and thank you
for letting them go first...
even though they broke every law in the book
to get in front of you and you didn't HAVE to let them in.
Not only will they not smile and thank you...
They'll probably cuss you out and tell you you're number 1.
(If you don't know what that means...ask Kevin Johnson...I learned it from him)

Never assume that the bus drivers
drive safely...
or even have a driver's license for that matter.
They go anywhere and everywhere
they want to go...
...cause they're BIGGER.
Case in point:

Never, and this one's a biggie...
NEVER assume the freeway
is faster.
The only advantage is
you're not turning so you don't
have to use your steering wheel.
Unfortunately, you're also not moving.

And if you're a good Christian girl...
you won't be after spending a few hours
in Seattle traffic!
Just sayin'...

Mar 16, 2013

Someone's Child

I went shopping yesterday at Safeway.
As I got in line with my overly priced items...
I noticed this guy in front of me
with major issues to say the least.

He was dirty, had greasy hair,
filthy clothes and was super fidgety.
Absolutely could not stand still for the the life of him.
Obviously wasted on something.

So, I kept my distance
and really didn't want to look at him
any more than necessary.
Certainly didn't want to get too close.

But something inside of me
(probably the Holy Spirit)
made me look at him.
As I looked to see who was behind
all that mess...
He turned and looked directly in my eyes
and smiled uncertainly 
and my heart smote me...
And in that swift moment of time
I could see someone's little boy
who has wandered too far.
And maybe they cry for him every night.
And pray that God will send someone to help him.
And here I stand in my smug certainty
not wanting to get too close.
And God broke my heart...
Cause I'm that person...
I'm the one with the answer.
That's the only reason I'm not standing where he is.

He walked off...
I paid for my stuff
with a lump in my throat
Not even able to talk to the cashier.

When I got outside I looked for him...
to give him a talk to him
who a moment ago I didn't even want to look at.
Nowhere in heart fell.
Lord, why did you show me him...
why did you allow all this to happen in my heart
if you weren't gonna give me a chance to tell him?

But then I realized He wanted to break my heart
and not give me an opportunity to make it right...
so that next time, I'd remember
the person who was someone's child.

I don't need to worry about this young man.
God is faithful...even when I'm not.
He will bring someone to him
to give him the answer.

Pastor Andres once said...
"God's boat sails whether
or not I get on. It's up to me
if I want to help sail."

Keep breaking my  heart, Lord...
and let me help sail!

Mar 9, 2013


We've never had TV stations much since we've been married.

So imagine my surprise when I get to Seattle
and see the myriad of offerings on the boob tube!

What is really perplexing to me is the reality programs.
Almost EVERYTHING is a reality program.

Why would you want to watch other people's lives?

OK, I can see it if it's about a smokejumper...
or a spy...
or a mountain climber...

But watching rednecks wander around
and do whatever it is they do?
Do I seriously have nothing better to do?

Amish Mafia...really?
I didn't even know there was such a thing

 I thought they were a peaceful people...

Did you know there's a show called, "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant!"
OK, outside of the totally uninspired name...
Are there such people?
You don't think the big belly in the front would be a huge giveaway?
Not to mention barfing, excessive weight gain, inconceivable cravings
and abrupt chest expansion.
Surprisingly enough, there ARE women like this.
They go into the bathroom...
And come out with a baby!
I've watched more of these than I care to admit.
Most of the time...with my mouth open in bewilderment!

Prison Wives

(Are they wives in prison...or are their husbands in prison. These are questions that demand answers.)

Teen Moms
Funeral Boss
(Do I want to know what they do to Granny to get her ready for the grave? I think not)
Lizard Lick Towing
(Totally don't even want to know)
Untold Stories of the ER
(OK, now this is kinda good in a freak show kinda way...)
Oh...and now there's one on taxidermy.

Now I will say I haven't watched almost all of these.
The idea of most of them just doesn't appeal to me.

But I think I could make up some of these programs and make a ton of money!

Day Care Mafia
(Don't Laugh...I've seen some of these kids! I might have even had one or two)
I Didn't Know You Were Pregnant
(This would be about that horrible moment when you realize the person you congratulated is NOT pregnant!)
Preachers' Wives
(Follow some of us around for awhile. You'll be hittin' the altar before the program's over)
Old Moms
(My mom had my sister when she was 39 and let me tell's a whole different animal than
when my brothers and I were little!)
Mourner Boss
(This could be good! A person with a crew of people crashes funerals and mourns with the unfortunate. You know, kinda like they did in Bible times)
Untold Stories of the Bathroom
(Use your imagination)
Trash Truck Tales
(I've dumpster dove before...this could be a hit!)

What does this say about us as a people?
We would rather watch someone else's boring life than live our own?

Ooohh...gotta go...
a new episode of Untold Stories of the ER is on!


My husband left me today.

Now before you get the rumour mill going...

I'm in Seattle
and he's in Montana...
for the time being.

He was visiting me here in Seattle
for our 30th Anniversary.
Yep...our oldest kid is 29.
That's proof we've been married that long.

We had a great time...
going out to dinner...
going out to lunch...
going to the museum...

But today...
he had to leave.
After all, he's got a sermon to preach tomorrow.
People to minister to...
besides me, that is.
Go figure.

So I'm rebelling today...
Not gonna shower...
got my hair in a ponytail...
wearing a T-shirt with holes in it...
Watching a Matlock Marathon...

Yep...I'm pushing the boundaries today!

Then later when I feel better
I'll get right...

 And Redeem the Time...

 The Ballard Locks

Seattle Museum

  The First Starbucks Sign

 And of course, the waterfront!

Jan 26, 2013

Complete In Thee

"For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power..."Col. 2:9,10

This is my new favorite song...

Complete In Thee

Complete in Thee, no work of mine,
Could take, oh Lord, the place of Thine.
Thy blood hath pardon bought for me,
And I shall stand complete in Thee.

Yea, justified, O blessed thought,
And sanctified, salvation wrought.
Thy blood hath pardon bought for me,
And glorified, I too, shall be.

Complete in Thee, each want supplied
And no good thing to me denied.
Since Thou my portion, Lord, wilt be,
I ask no more, complete in Thee.

Complete in Thee, no more shall sin;
Thy grace has conquered; reign within.
Thy blood shall bid the tempter flee,
And I shall stand, complete in Thee.

Dear Saviour, when before Thy bar,
All tribes and tongues assembled are,
Among the chosen I shall be,
At Thy right hand, Complete in Thee.

I ask no more, complete in Thee...

Jan 23, 2013

Panic Attack

You know how
in the movies,
when something goes horribly wrong
there's always one person
who panics...
and has to be slapped
to return to their senses?

That's me...

I hate to admit it,
but it's true.

I'm completely calm
and can make rational decisions
...when it has to do with other people.

But...if it has to do with my kids,
or my husband,
or ME...
I totally and completely
lose it!

One time Adam hit his chin on the
edge of my Mom's pool.
After the screaming was done,
(not mine...his)
I looked at his chin...
saw bone...
amount of blood!
I immediately felt faint
and began to hyperventilate.
I would have started screaming
and running around the room
wringing my hands...
IF my 13 year old sister
hadn't said,
"Calm down...if he sees you freak out,
he will too!"
13 years old...
It's shameful to be reprimanded
by a 13 year old.
Especially if you used to change her diapers
and tell her not to pick her nose.

One time Russell and the boys
were out in the cul-de-sac
playing street hockey.
Russell accidentally (and I use the term loosely)
ran into Alex and knocked him down.
When I looked out the kitchen window,
Alex was on the ground,
flailing his arms and legs,
and gasping for air
looking very much
like he was dying.
I ran out there
with the intention
of ripping his head off
(Russell's, not Alex's)

But Russell is always the voice of reason
and only he can calm me down
and make me look at things rationally.

When my back goes out,
I panic...
I'm sure I'll be a cripple forever.
Life as I know over.

Dr. Hoover has to calm me down...
Remind me that this has happened before...
and we'll get thru it.

This week, in Seattle,
my back went out.
Russell was 7 hours away...
so naturally I began to panic.
After all, I'll probably be a cripple forever.

So, I did the only sensible thing...
I hobbled into the other room
and called Russell.
After I was over my Panic Attack
He was able to coach me thru it.
And I got better...

So, if you see me panic...
Don't slap me...
(I will stop panicking for one second while I slug you)
Call Panic Pill.

And are not allowed to die before me...
just sayin'...

Jan 9, 2013

Why Church?

You know how sometimes it seems
that the sorrows of the whole world
rest upon your shoulders
and you can't shake them off?

They begin to discolor
everything you look at...

Pretty soon you're sitting in a hole
that you have dug for yourself
and you can't seem to get out...
cause you dug it too deep!

I've found the best cure for this
is to go to church.

Doesn't matter what I'm going thru...
or how low I am ...
Sometime during the service
the dark cloud that sits over me
begins to break up
and the Son begins to shine thru!

I don't know if it's the preaching...
or the singing of praises to the Lord,
or the fellowship we have with each other
thru Jesus Christ...
I think it's all those things
all wrapped up together!

But it never fails to pick me up,
set me on my feet,
and show me that no matter how bad things get...
I always have someone who will stick with me
thru all the hurts this world and the devil throw at me.

I feel bad for people
who haven't made going to church a habit.
They miss out on that.

I know that we can read our Bible
and receive comfort also...
but there's just something about
hearing God's Word preached
that never fails to comfort
 my comfortless heart.