Oct 29, 2013


Recently we went on a trip
and spent tons of time driving....bored...
I began to notice that street signs
are very negative.

'Road narrows...slow down'
How about one that says
'Road Widens, Party On'

Or 'Yield ahead'
I'd rather see one that says,
'It's all about you, just keep going!'

'Be prepared to Go'
instead of
'Be prepared to Stop'

Here's one I hate to see
when I'm making good time,
'Speed reduced ahead'

Let's see just once,
'Speed increased ahead,
blow 'em out of the water!'

'Divided highway'
That sounds so forlorn...
'United highway'
sounds much happier.

'Rough road'
OK...I never see these,
but as I live in Montana
they probably couldn't afford
to put them on every street that's rough!
Just once I'd love to see
'Smooth road'

'No center stripe'
Idaho seriously needs to
get some of these!
On second thought
it might be cheaper
to just let us know
when there IS a center stripe.


'No Outlet'
Guess I can't plug in my toaster
on this road.

Here's what we see in Montana
before they fix the potholes...

And here's what we see
after they fix the potholes.

 Or how about the one
that threatens you if you speed
in a construction zone!
I'm thinking they should pay us
to drive the speed limit!
After all, we're the ones
that are inconvenienced!
Or give us flyer miles
for every construction worker we miss!

I have no idea what this one means...
I think it means my heater's on...


Isn't this just what you want to
see when driving thru the wilds
of Tennessee on a dark, rainy night!

Oct 18, 2013

Rainbow and PeeWee

I have two new young hens.
Mango and Kiwi.
Very sweet little hens.
Therefore, all the other hens
are mean to them.

Poor little things...
Yvonne (chicken lady)
says to leave them alone
and not to watch them
if it bothers me.
I tend to want to go out there
and dispense judgement
to the merciless wenches.

But Yvonne tells me
that the pecking order
is very important
and I shouldn't interfere.
When I walk in the coop,
Kiwi flies off the roost
into my arms.
I'm certain she's saying,
"HELP! They're all after me!"
Yvonne says it's more like,

Russell called his Mom
to tell her about the new hens.
She likes to be kept abreast
of chicken matters at
the Hoover household.
Mom:  "What are their names?"
Mom: "What?"
(She doesn't hear very well)
Russell: "MANGO AND KIWI!"
Mom: "Oh...Rainbow and Peewee...
isn't that sweet! Is Peewee the little one?"
Russell: "...sigh...yes, Mom, Peewee is
the little one.

Here's the new girls:

Oct 2, 2013

Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?

Must Jesus bear the cross alone
And all the world go free?
No, there's a cross for everyone,
And there's a cross for me.

The consecrated cross I'll bear
Till death shall set me free,
And then go home my crown to wear,
For there's a crown for me.

Upon the crystal pavement, down
At Jesus' pierced feet,
Joyful I'll cast my golden crown
And His dear name repeat.

O Precious cross: O glorious crown!
O resurrection day!
Ye angels, from the stars come down
And bear my soul away.

How I long for the day
I can cast my golden crown
And His dear name repeat.

Oct 1, 2013


We hear so much about Barnabas
being the son of consolation,
about being an encourager...

But I read this today:

"But Joses, who by the apostles
was surnamed Barnabas,
(which is, being interpreted,
The son of consolation,)
a Levite, and of the country of Cyprus,
Having land, sold it, and brought the money,
and laid it at the apostles' feet."

Barnabas left his country...
sold everything he had...
came to the apostles...
and said: "I'm in!"

He gave up everything,
just to serve the King of Kings.

He knew all his stuff
was just a hindrance to serving Jesus Christ.
Just something that had to be taken care of,
worried about, and dealt with.

With nothing to his name
he could freely serve Christ,

"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed
about with so great a cloud of witnesses,
and the sin which doth so easily beset us,
and let us run with patience the race
that is set before us..."

I pray I could be like Barnabas