Oct 9, 2014

Happy Circumstances

So I have certain circumstances in my life right now
that I am very happy about
and that tend to take up
a lot of space in my mind.

When I wake up in the middle of the night...
it's the first thing I think of
and it brings peace and happiness to my soul.

Doesn't matter what else is going on...
Cause this thing is so big
Nothing overshadows it.
For now...

But at some point
negative things will overwhelm it
because its only a circumstance
and circumstances change.

But what should be taking up
a lot of space in my mind...
And what I should be thinking about
in the middle of the night...
And what should bring peace and happiness
to my soul...
is the love that Christ has for me.

The love that will never forsake me...
never leave me alone
in the night watches.

When I wake up in the middle of the night...
it should be Christ's love
that gives me peace in my soul.
That makes everything else pale in comparison.

I'm working on it, Lord!

Oct 1, 2014

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Church...

My daughter-in-law is always giving me
sample products from Super Supplememt
since my son works there...
for which I am duly thankful for!

Lotions, creams, eye creams,
shampoos, conditioners, etc.
And all organic!

So the other morning as I was getting
ready for church
I realized my legs were desperately
needing some hydration.

I went to my cute little can
that has all my samples in...
and pull out an orange package
of Weleda Lotion.
Hmmm...orange package...
not sure I've had an orange one before.
It's gotta be lotion...
but not terribly sure
since I don't have my glasses.

So I run all over the house
looking for my glasses...
kind of a normal thing around here.

Can't find them anywhere...
Also a normal thing around here
So I figure
what's the worse it could be...
eye cream instead of lotion?
And it's organic so it's not
like it's gonna hurt me, right?

So I rip open the little packet...
squeeze it all over my legs...

As I'm trying to rub it in
I notice it's very sticky...
and won't rub in.
OK...so now finding glasses
is of ultimate importance!

I find them and frantically
and with greasy hands, I might add
look at the package...
...wait for it...
Diaper Cream...
I just spread diaper cream
all over my legs
and by now I'm already late for SS.

Good news?
After I finished rubbing it in
I didn't need to put lotion on my legs
for a week!
only slightly though...

But the bigger question is:
Why would she give me that???
I'm not that young...
or that old for that matter.
Questions that need an answer!

You have some explaining to do, Lizzie!