Dec 16, 2012

Two kinds of People


I have them...

There are two kinds of people in the world:
Those who get headaches...(group 1)
And those who don't. (group 2)

Now if you get a headache once in awhile...
You're not in the first group.
You pretty much don't count.

We're talkin' headaches every day.
Not necessarily super bad ones...
But headaches nonetheless.

If you are in the second group
you can't possibly know the thought processes
that go along with being in the first group.

We are in general a superstitious people.

For instance...

If your headache goes away
and someone asks you
if your headache is gone...
you never say yes.
After all, that's being presumptuous...
and it will certainly COME BACK!
You can say, "Not sure yet".
You're safe there.
My  husband is like,
"What do you mean not sure?"
Either its gone or its not!
Yes, he is in Group 2.

Also, if it does go away...
you can't do anything you were doing before you got it.
Cause it will COME BACK...

And you have to be very careful how you move...
If you don't move just right...
it'll COME BACK.

One time our preacher asked,
"You ever know someone who says,
'Have I had my headache today?' "
I'm like, "Yeah, I think that all the time."
Good thing I didn't say it outloud.
Cause then he went on to talk about how B...A...D those people are.
(It's OK, Pastor Andres, I've gotten over the emotional issues
that went along with that sermon.

And just so you know, you're in Group 2 also...
...Just sayin'...

Dec 2, 2012

Dumb Phone

I have a Smart Phone...

But actually, it's a dumb phone.

It tries to guess at what I'm gonna text
with only the first few letters of every word.
I know everyone's phone probably does this.
But mine is the worst.

On my birthday everyone was sending me
birthday wishes on Facebook.
Of course, I was traveling at the time...
so I was enjoying them on my phone.

Everyone that wished me Happy Birthday...
received an insult for their trouble.
One young girl, Erica, was referred to as
How does Erica EVER come out Stomach?
Seriously, that's all it could think of?

Dumb phone!

I was asking a friend
if Pastor was going to start videoing his sermons?
It actually asked her if Pastor was going
to start cuddling his sermons.
Very embarrasing...

Stupid phone!

Sunny said, "You know, you could proofread them first..."


What's the sense of having a smartphone then!!!

Nov 29, 2012

New Digs

When we first came to Seattle...
we had a one room apartment.
Pretty small.

Now we have a two bedroom,
Thanks to the Lord,
and Laura's sister!

 This is the Living Room. Windows everywhere. The other place was a little dark.

 The Dining and Kitchen.  Again, windows!

 This is the view from our Living Room window. That's Lake Union.

The view from my bedroom. Super nice. I open it at night so I can fall asleep to the lights of the city.
Then I wake up in the middle of the night and close the blinds to the lights of the city!

 Yeah, I'm fickle!

Nov 28, 2012

We Have a Secret

Well, not the kind of secret that you don't tell anyone.

The kind of secret that you tell people...
and they don't really believe you.
So, in essence it is kind of a secret...
cause not everyone knows it or believes it.

My girlfriend has been preparing for a stem cell transplant.
She had to go through 3 days of heavy chemo...
and then 2 days of whole body irradiation.
Then the stem cells put in.

They made sure to tell us all the horrible
stuff she would experience.
Nausea, fever and mouth sores
so bad she would have to have pain killers
to help her make it through the night.

So she went into this with a little trepidation...
but knowing it was the thing to do.

Everything was going to take about 3 to 4 days to kick in.
The doctor came in everyday and told her she was gonna
start feeling really bad here pretty soon.
We waited (in the hospital, I might add),
and waited,
and waited.
3 days, 4 days, 10 days.
She did have a few hiccups along the way...
but for the most part...felt fine.
One sore in her mouth that she didn't even
have to take pain killers for.
She did lose her appetite.

Towards the end of her hospital stay
the doctor comes in
and says shes doing wonderful!
I told him it's because we have a whole host
of people praying
and the Lord is just answering our prayers...


"Well, that's nice..."

See, he doesn't know our secret.
Even though he was told, he still has
never experienced this for himself.
He doesn't know the secret.

So, I guess we'll just have to keep telling him...
and anyone who doesn't know it.

Oct 31, 2012

So, I saw this pic on Pinterest...

Decided I loved it and had to try it!

I have an old driftwood plank
that I was gonna stencil our address on
and hang it on the house.
(See guys, I do use those huge pieces
of wood you lug back to the car for me!)

But when I saw this,
I knew I had to use it for that.

So I had my hubby
get L brackets and screws...

And here's what we came up with...
Cool, huh?
I will change it some as I have
some vintage travel posters
of Glacier Park
and the red buses
that I'm gonna frame and hang!
(my cousin is the head guy at the red bus place
and I'm very proud of him!)

Now, on to burlap curtains with sheers!

Sep 30, 2012

Roundup Sunday

Kevin was here with the kids this weekend.
Therefore, I got to go to church!

I went to Bro. Jason Murphy's church,
Open Door Baptist Church.

They were having their Annual Roundup Sunday.
I sat there for the entire Sunday School service
when someone came up to me and said,
"We don't normally dress like this..."
"Dress like what?" I reply.
"This is our Roundup Sunday."

Sad thing is...
I didn't even notice.
I felt so at home...

Sadder yet...
I fit right in...
Jean skirt,
western shirt.


...i miss home...

Sep 20, 2012

Food Trucks!

Laura and I have a problem!

And it's in the form of a food truck.

The area we are in is about 2 blocks
from the group of buildings.

There's tons of restaurants...

a myriad of food trucks on every corner.
Every. Single. Day.

Every kind of food you can think of...
and some you couldn't ever think of.
Chinese, Indian, Vegetarian, Barbecue,
Hamburgers, Tacos, Greek, etc.

So, we make some kind of excuse to go down there,
Something the Farmer's Market...
then we walk all around looking for the perfect lunch.

We'll walk blocks, and blocks, and blocks,
checking out all the food trucks
before we make our all important gastronomic decisions!
Then we'll walk all the way back to the ones we like.
Never once complaining about how far we have walked
or all the hills we have had to climb.
(Which we normally complain about daily)

Today I decided on The Grilled Cheese Experience.
Then we went to the last corner and they had...


I almost had a major meltdown!

But, then I remembered...

(of course, I'll have to walk who knows how far
til I find out where they have parked)
But who cares?
I'll probably lose weight with all this walking!!!!

Yeah, maybe not...

Sep 15, 2012

Day 'I Don't Know'

No, I have no idea what the date is.
We don't know what the day of the week is.
Yesterday, Laura thought it was Tuesday,
I thought it was Thursday.
It was Friday...sad...

But the good news is,
we DO know what year it is
and are pretty certain of the month.

We have to know what the day is because:
1.  We have to know if one of our husbands are coming,
      so we can be excited!

2.  We have to know when to tune in to
     streaming sermons!

3.  And, we have to know when the Farmer's Market is.

They give us a little schedule
that tells us what we are doing,
where we are going,
when we are going to be there.
(I say we...I mean her...I just follow along)
It does have the date on it,
but we really just look at it to see
if we get to sleep in the next day or not!
Very important!
We don't bother to look at the date.
Cause it doesn't really matter
Unless...(see above)

Every morning we wake up
to construction going on next door.
Yeah, imagine our glee when we realized
they were gonna be working on the entire
street for the next 2 years!

We get up and make a mad dash
for the shuttle.
The shuttle really is wonderful:
I can drink my coffee on it,
We can sleep on it.
The shuttle driver is Mac!
He's a super nice guy.
Unless, of course, you park
in the shuttle parking!
He then morphs into something scary.

We have the blood draw area figured out.
We get there...
she stands in line to let them know she is there
and I go grab a spot to sit.

Then we go upstairs to the infusion floor.
Beautiful waiting room.
Overlooks Lake Union.
You can sit and watch the pontoon planes
land on the lake. Very peaceful.
Until they call her into one of the rooms
so they can poke her with sharp things.
So she goes in and sleeps
and I go back to the Apt. and sleep.
Yep, we're an exciting group!

Then when they let her go,
I come back and get her,
(not that she needs me to do that,
but, I've usually finished my nap by then).

We walk all over South Lake Union.
We get bored...imagine that.
We actually found a Goodwill store
about 5 blocks from us.
(So, don't blame me if you get used stuff for Christmas.)
And about 10 blocks away
is a whole foods market
that we would camp next to if we could.
It's wonderful!!!
We found a wonderful bakery,
(not good)
and REI is about 8 blocks away.
(which is also not good, considering
their prices.)

We have a rooftop garden.
I love the rooftop garden.
I feel like it's mine.
When I'm up there...
I feel like all Seattle is mine!
Not that I would want all Seattle...
(too noisy, no mountains)
We have little friends on the roof.
They are gray and cute.
And if you feed them,
the apartment house will fine you $250.
They sit and stare at you while you sit there
reading your Bible.
And then they poop all over the roof!
(That kinda takes away from their cuteness...)

Today we are going to
walk all over Lake Union South...
finding new places to spend our money,
new places to eat,
new things to laugh at...
...oblivious of the date, day, time,




Aug 27, 2012

Day 15

It's day 15 and things are more familiar now.
Each day is pretty much the same.

She gives blood in the morning...
then goes to a number of appointments.
You never know how many or where they will be.

They give you a schedule that you have to follow.
They change it sometimes daily.
Everything is dependent on the last blood count
and the last test you had.
So you really can't plan ahead
because you never know if they are going
to change it...which they usually do.

You really aren't in control...they are.
At least that's how you feel if you are a patient.
So when we have a free afternoon
we go for a walk...check out as many
areas as we can.
Our exploration area gets bigger and bigger.
We keep walking a little farther.

I'm learning the lingo...
Infusion, (getting blood)
Conditioning, (that's chemo and irradiation you get
before your stem cell transplant),
Engraftment (this is after the transplant,
still not really sure what it is...I think it's
when your new stem cells begin to take hold).

We have to take classes...
food handling class, which is how to
clean foods, counters, etc.
Nutrition class, so we know what
she can eat and what she can't eat,
Managing Care at Home class, this is
what she can do and what she can't do,
where she can go and where she can't go.
We have to learn how to flush her lines
and how to run the little pump that will
give her fluids so she doesn't dehydrate.
Apparently you can dehydrate even if you
are drinking enough water.

All in all it is quite a different life altogether.
A life that you aren't in charge of...
A life where you don't feel in control...
yet, you are there because you want to be.
The SCCA is crowded with people
that one hundred years ago would
not have had a chance at life.
But now, their chances are very good!

Aug 19, 2012

First Week

I have been in Seattle for 6 days now
with a friend who is having a stem cell transplant.

They take her own stem cells out...
pretty much kill everything else going on in the body...
then put the healthy stem cells back in.
Pretty amazing.
I'm getting quite an education.
And a healthy respect
for the people going thru this.

There is a home you can stay in.
We're now in the Pete Gross house
after being in the SCCA House for a week.
Each house has a rooftop garden.
The SCCA House is like a motel.
But they have kitchens downstairs
for patients to use.
After you are done...everything
has to be sanitized.
We decided it wasn't really worth it!
And luckily, her grandma lives in town
and sends new meals every day!
The Pete Gross House is like a little apartment.
Kitchen and all!
But Grandma still sends food every day.
Bless her little heart!

SCCA stands for Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.
They're world renown
and I can see why.

They have their business down to a "T".
They treat the patients and caregivers
very well.
There's nutrition centers everywhere.
That's a little mini kitchen with all
kinds of snacks...for free!
(And not always nutritious...which is a good thing)

We spent the first of this week
waiting for her blood counts to go up
so they could begin to harvest her cells.

She has to be at the clinic every morning
to have blood taken.
after that, she waits an hour
to find out what the counts were.
Then she had to have a shot
to help her counts go up.
Then usually she had to have
blood or platelets put in.
This takes quite awhile.

When her counts were good,
it was time for harvesting or collecting.
That was a celebrating time!

So the first day of collecting
she was at the clinic for 12 hours,
way longer than we thought.
We had to move into the new house,
so I had to run all over getting keys,
packing up stuff, going back and forth
between houses.
I also managed to leave my purse
on one of the shuttles.
Almost had a major 
meltdown at this point.
But the shuttle guy brought my purse back.
I almost kissed him and gave him all the money in my purse!
(Not really on the kissing, and giving him all the money
in my purse would actually be the opposite of being grateful!)

Once we got in the new apartment
things smoothed out a little.
Her uncle brings us stuff from the store
as well as the cooked meals from her grama.
He has a jaguar...
I got to ride in it today,
and get to ride in it tomorrow.
Pretty much the highlight of my week...month...year...
well, you get the idea.

We have managed to do a couple of fun things.
We went to a little coffee place called Row House
and had a Iced Hazelnut Mocha...and...
we finished a 500 piece puzzle in about 2 hours.
Yes, we are a wild bunch!

We are both struggling with the fact
that we are without our families
and find we don't have a lot of drive
to do anything that we normally like to do.
She has an excuse to feel that way...I don't.
But its getting easier
and we are sure to spend plenty of time
in God's Word and we are praying
every day before going to the clinic.
She's very brave
and treats every day
as if she's going to the office
for a day of work!

Aug 12, 2012

In The News

So apparently they just finished up
a very lengthy, expensive study
and found out that if you let your children
watch filthy stuff on TV...
they'll become promiscuous
at an earlier age!

Wow! Really?

I could have told them that for half the price!

Also, in the news...
They found a 600 year old bra!
Yep! This is apparently news.

Looks like one of mine!

You heard it here first!

Holy Ground

I have a girlfriend
who is going in for a stem cell transplant.
Her own stem cells
that have been harvested.

She left last week for Seattle.
I will be leaving tomorrow
to be with her during all of this
so her husband can be home with the kids.
We'll be gone til Nov. 1st. approximately.

This is 'new ground' for her and I both.
Going through things you've never been
through before.
Fear of the unknown.

Her fear is much greater, of course.
Yet she laughs, she jokes...
she sets me at ease with her
easy manner...

Cause she knows God will work thru this...

So this 'new ground'
can be 'holy ground'
for her.

Aug 7, 2012

The Stuff That Will Matter Forever

Our old Pastor used to say
Read every day til you get something from God.
I try to do that every day.
But you know how sometimes you read something
and it sticks with you for much longer.
You think about it every day
cause it touched your soul.

Psalms 1 says...

"...he shall be like a tree
planted by the rivers of water,
that bringeth forth his fruit
in his season;
his leaf also shall not wither;
and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.
The ungodly are not so:
but are like the chaff
which the wind driveth away."

I read that and said to myself...
Yep, that's true.
Yet, in my heart I'm thinking
Why then do I sometimes feel like chaff...
Empty, dry, blown away
by every dreadful life circumstance?

I know how I need to be...
alive, flourishing, fresh,

A song by Keith Green says,
"My eyes are dry,
My faith is old,
My heart is hard,
My prayers are cold,
And  I know how I ought to be,
Alive to You and dead to me.

I'm too much alive to me,
and dead to Him.
I need to turn it around.

Quit thinking about me all the time...
and my 'stuff'!

Think about Him and His stuff.
And the only way I can do that is to
be in His Word.
His Word is all about His stuff!

The Glorious Stuff!

Not the stuff that Satan puts in our way
to trip up our flesh...

But the Stuff that will matter forever!

Must be why in verse 2 it says,
the Blessed man's delight
is in the law of the Lord...
and he meditates in it day and night.

When I'm in His Word meditating on His Stuff...
I don't have time to worry about mine.

I love how God's Word has all the answers
for my seeking heart!

Jul 22, 2012

Zoned in Life

You know what I love about VBS?
Well, besides all the sweet little sticky faces?
I love that when you are in the midst of it
You are totally submerged in it.

Before it starts, it's very stressful
making sure you have everything,
making sure what you do have is right,
making sure you have enough people
to do what needs to be done,
decorations, snacks,
housecleaning, (cause you won't be
doing it for another week), etc.

But once it starts...
You're in the zone!
You've given up on your life
and your work.
Every thought and action
is for VBS.
You put your life on hold for a week.
Everybody is working together...
common goal...
...of one accord.
It's about making VBS work,
about getting children saved!
My opinions, my feelings, my whatever...
don't matter.
It's about getting kids saved...
or at the very least...telling them about the Saviour.

And during this time...
there is no stress.
Because I've ceased from worrying about my STUFF
and am zoned in on doing God's stuff.
And there's no burden with His stuff.

Our old Pastor used to say,
"Quit working for yourself,
and start working for God.
While you're working on His stuff,
He'll be taking care of yours."

I want to be like that all the time.
I want to live my life like that.
Where everything I do,
every thought I have,
is Jesus...
I want to cease from worrying about my life
and zone in on His life and His cause.
He says, "My yoke is easy,
and my burden is light."
Yep...I have found that to be so.

So...why do I linger in this life?

Jul 20, 2012

Elkanah 2

As I'm crying,
cause Aaron is leaving
after having been here
for only a week,
my husband spouts,

"Am I not better to thee
than ten sons?"
(I Sam. 1:8)

Just like Elkanah...

Jul 19, 2012


I hate to be repetitive...

But what's with the car seats today?
They weigh about 50 lbs.
not including the baby.
I have serious bruises on my arms
from carrying the stupid thing!

And could there possibly be anymore
snaps, buckles and ties?
First you have to loosen up the shoulder straps
so you don't break her little arms while putting her in.
Then you buckle the straps, and there's a secondary buckle
to buckle the first straps to the second straps.
Of course, you must do this while baby is wiggling,
kicking and usually screaming.
Not done yet...
then you have to harness her into the back seat,
so she can't wiggle, kick or scream.
Think of a straightjacket...
AND if that's not bad enough,
you have to turn her around backwards
so you can't see if she's still alive or not.

By the time I have her ready to go,
I'm mad cause I don't understand
why someone would make this so difficult...
she's mad cause I'm hanging over her
trying desperately not to cuss in front of her...
(I don't cuss btw, but if I would be the time!)
we're both sweating...
and don't want to go anywhere anymore.

I actually gave up on the idea
of going to get a diet coke at the mini mart.
(I didn't actually give up on the idea,
I  had Sunny do it.)
I talked real sad, and explained
that I was burdened down with a 50lb. car seat
that I was afraid I couldn't possibly hook up
safely the second time...therefore putting little Elly's life in danger!

How could she say 'no'?

Jul 8, 2012

Hymn Sunday

There are so many wonderful old hymns
that we either never sing...
or we don't pay attention to the words.

So every Sunday I'm gonna post a beautiful old hymn
with words that speak to my soul...

"O Thou, In Whose Presence"

O Thou, in Whose presence my soul takes delight,
On whom in affliction I call,
My comfort by day and my song in the night,
My hope, my salvation, my all.

Where dost Thou, dear Shepherd, resort with Thy sheep,
To feed them in pastures of love?
Say, why in the valley of death should I weep,
Or alone in this wilderness rove?

O why should I wander, an alien from Thee,
Or cry in the desert for bread?
Thy foes will rejoice when my sorrows they see,
And smile at the tears I have shed.

He looks! and ten thousands of angels rejoice,
And myriads wait for His word;
He speaks! and eternity, filled with His voice,
Re-echoes the praise of the Lord.

Dear Shepherd! I hear, and will follow Thy call;
I know the sweet sound of Thy voice;
Restore and defend me, for Thou art my all,
And in Thee I will ever rejoice.

Jul 7, 2012

Creepy Toys

Many things have changed since I had babies.
They light up...
they move on their own,
wiggle, shake, vibrate on their own,
and the creepiest of all...
they talk on their own
from the middle of the living room
with no one anywhere in the vicinity!
 You're sittin there watching TV...
and all of a sudden
a toy in the middle of the room
lights up and says,
"We're here!"
OK...tell me that's not creepy?!
If that was to happen at my house
in the middle of the night,
it would get blown to smithereens!
(where is smithereens, I wonder)

And the toys are totally different now.

Nope. It's little pretend cell phones.

(No one in my house even knew what these were)

Nope.  Little computers.

So, I'm gonna buy these old toys
and put them in the toy box at Gramas.
So at least when I mention Tinkertoys...
they won't look at me with a blank stare
Like I've lost my marbles.
(They probably don't know what those are either!)

Jun 12, 2012


 Things that made me happy to be alive today!

Showdown at Yellow Butte

Good book...starting to be more like the Louis L'Amour I know.

A group of men hire Tom Kedrick to get squatters off their land.

Turns out the guys that hire him
are the bad guys...
And the squatters
are the good guys.

So, naturally, Tom, being the good guy that he is,
(Just like all the Louis L'amour men)
switches sides
and begins to help the good guys.

Throw in a ghost horse...
and 2 girls vying for his attentions...

Here are some great lines:

"Everything was quiet in Mustang.
Three whole days had passed without a killing."
In a Louis L'Amour book that's huge!

"He was a tall young man with rusty brown hair and green eyes,
quiet mannered and quick to smile."
They're never short!

"All my life there's been trouble,
and where man is there will be trouble to the end of time,
if not of one kind, then another."
I'm pretty sure my Mom gave me this advice. 

Speaking of one of the bad guys:
"An' he won't lie or swear...
but he'll shoot the heart out of you an'
smile right in your face while he's doing it."
I love the ones like murderers have
some kind of moral code...

"A tough man has to win and lose.
He has to come up after being knocked down,
he has to have taken a few beatings,
and know what it means to win the hard way."
True that!

On to the next one...
Hopefully it won't take me so long.



Jun 4, 2012

Kathy's Faith

I have a friend...
she has cancer...

She told me last week
she went to bed feeling sorry for herself...
(Who wouldn't)
As she lay there she decided
She wasn't going to let the negative
thoughts fill her with fear and dread.

She began to thank the Lord
for all the wonderful things in her life...
Her last words...before drifting off to sleep...
"Thank You Lord, for the suffering"

I want faith like that...

Jun 3, 2012

The Date?

Conversation overheard in our house:

Me: Honey, what's the date today?

Him: Well, Friday was the first...

Me: Yeah...

Him: Wednesday is the day we are taking the Pattersons into town...that's the 6th...

Me: Yeah...

Him: So, what date is it?

Me: I don't know...that's why I'm asking!

Him: Whats one plus two? Or what's six minus 3?

Me: What? Who cares!!! I don't want a Math lesson...I just wanna know the date!

Him: Gotta figure it out...

Me: I don't know how long ago Friday was,
       and I certainly don't know how far away Wednesday is...
       Heck, I don't even know what day today is...

       ...please just tell me what the date is...

Him: It's the 3rd.

Me: Thank you...I guess...

Him: Now, don't you wish you would have figured it out yourself?

Me: just stole 15 minutes of my all important life!

May 22, 2012

A Living Sacrifice

Romans 12:1 - "I beseech you, therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service."

Samuel was a living sacrifice.

Hannah prayed for him,
begged God for him.
But I don't think she did it
for the reasons most women
want children.

Most women want a child to raise.
Someone to care for,
Someone to love.

But not Hannah...
She would not have offered her
only son if that's what she wanted.
Hannah wanted something
to lay at the feet of her God.

She wanted to present her Lord
a living sacrifice.
She wanted something in her life
to count for God.

When she saw Peninah's kids
running around
she probably thought
if I had a child, God,
I would give him right back to you!
Because I love you...
And all that I am,
and all that I have
is because of who you are!

Samuel was her living sacrifice...
to her God.

May 17, 2012

Organizational Ideas - It's not what you think!

I read an article today in a nameless magazine
It had to do with different organizing projects
in people's homes.

 One lady organizes all her tableclothes...
hangs them on pant hangers...
and then writes on them the length of each one.
Do people actually do this?
Maybe I would do this also
If I had more than one...

Another lady organizes
her boy's Lego collection.
Wow! I am so impressed!
We were lucky to get them all in ONE box...
much less color coded.
Honestly, I think I would miss
stepping on one stray little Lego piece
in the middle of the night!

Someone else has a spreadsheet
of all the books she is reading
with the Title, Author
and a quick synopsis of every one
and how good it was.
I actually like this idea.
I love anything to do with books.
This sounds fun to me...
I'll probably try this...
or.. I'll probably think about it forever
and never actually get around to doing it...
I have lots of great ideas...I'm like that!

This other lady has 75 spices
hanging in her cupboard.
I have spices hanging in my cupboard...
but NOT 75!
I don't use the ones I have.
They DO look nice though
all hanging on their little IKEA racks.
Matter of fact, they look so cute hanging there
that I keep buying new IKEA bottles
to put on the racks...
And then going out and buying
new spices to put in them...
even though I'll probably never use them.
But I feel very organized.
And IF I ever DO need them...
there they are!

The last one is the best.
She has a file on her computer
where she puts everything that she has stored away.
OK...I don't have enough organizationese
to even wrap my mind around this.
Maybe I'll be like this when I grow up.
I wonder if she has on there
where I put my glasses?

May 15, 2012

Favorite Movie Lines

We have favorite one liners in our house:
Mostly from movies over the years.

Here's some of our favorites:

1. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"
Wizard of Oz
(We use this when Dad's talking to us and we don't want to listen)

2. "Doesn't it just make your feet itch to dance?"
Shirley Temple
(Don't remember which movie but I'm pretty sure
she said something like this in every movie.)

3. "Laugh it up, furball"
I won't even say what this is from...if you don't know...I can't help you!

4. "So, Peter, you've become a pirate."
Grama Wendy in Hook
(Just so you know, if you look up Hook in
Google get lots of crochet pics)

5. "Go Away! Read some books!"
"Do you not realize I have had diarrhea since Easters?"
"Beneath the clothes, we find a man, and beneath the man we find his...nucleus."
Nacho Libre
(We don't like this movie...REALLY)
(I won't share the quote about stretchy pants, cause you'll all think I'm unspiritual!)

6. "Quick as a flash, I whipped my Edsel around"
(OK...I'm pretty sure 'quick as a flash' and 'whipped' cannot be in the same sentence with Edsel!)
"My whole body's a weapon"
(Russell uses this one a lot...we ignore him...refer to number 1.)
"Sun really beats down on a metal car"
(I honestly don't know why we like this one! Some weird quirk in our nature, I'm sure)
"Drop dead, that's who!"
(This is my personal favorite. It's like saying "You Too!" when you have no reason to.)
These were all from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

7. "Talk about your fixer upper"
Lion King
(We say this a lot while driving through Idaho and Montana!) 

8. "Don't know, don't care..."
Cuzco - Emperor's New Groove
(This one fits soooo many occasions)

9. "Look at that about blue"
Not sure what it's from.
(Helpful during awkward moments)

10."Now THAT was Julie"
"It pains me so..."
"Look out, Sally"
Rocket Man
(I had a house full of boys...they laugh at gross stuff!)

11. "And I am about to raise you right off the pavement!"
From Muppet Christmas Carol
(The boys says this reminds them of me! I'm offended...
I might sound something like this while defending my young! 
I love saying that...makes them sound like porpoises or something!) 

12. "Keep the change, you filthy animal."
Home Alone

13. "Ahoy, I sail!"
What about Bob
(I recently went sailing...said this a million times!)

Good Memories!

May 11, 2012

Support the Weak

Sometimes people are struggling...
in their Christian walk.
They come to church,
they smile,
they shake hands
they do everything you are doing.

Yet, their faith is weak.
They might be struggling to believe
what they have been taught,
what the Bible says.

It may be some Mother's child...
that needs your help.
She may be praying for someone to help them.

We come in, we do what we have to do...
and then we leave
and go back to OUR lives.

We forget to look people in the eye...
to see the struggling spirit within them.
Cause we have things to do...
and we're busy.

Church isn't about getting everything done...
It's about fellowship with Jesus Christ
and each other.
It's about exhorting each other.

Look for that struggling soul...
so that you might come alongside
to encourage them in the faith.
To be that example to them.
To be their friend.
To answer that Mother's Prayer.

To glorify Jesus Christ!

May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

In honor of Cinco de Mayo...
I'm putting my Cinco de Mayo memories on my blog!

You're probably thinking,
"Who on earth has Cinco De Mayo memories"
And if you are thinking that...
You didn't grow up in LA

It's a big deal when you grow up in LA.
Actually it's a really big deal when you're a kid...
cause it means you get to do fun things at school instead of work!
Like making Pinatas...

First of all, Cinco De Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day.
It's celebrated in order to remember the Mexican Army's
victory over the French Army at the Battle of Pueblo, 1862.
Mexican Independence Day is sometime in Sept...I think.

My mom would take me to Olvera street.
(Oldest Part of LA)
And we would walk around and look at all the cool stuff they had for sale.

Just me and Mom...all day long.
You could smell the tamales cooking...
And taste the Mexican Wedding Cake.
Watch all the different people walking around

in brightly colored traditional wear.
Mariachi bands...
And the sun always shining!

Then when it got hot...
You could go in the church where it was cool and dark

and take a little rest...
Not to mention watching everything going on in the Catholic church.
Always priests runnin' around splashing water on something.

Then into the Avila Adobe -
Oldest Bldg. in LA

My Mom loved all the old historic places...
thus, so do I.

Then on the way home we would stop at Beaches Market...
Say hi to my aunt, and buy stuff to go home and make Tacos.

Great memories...
Thanx, Mom