Jun 12, 2012


 Things that made me happy to be alive today!

Showdown at Yellow Butte

Good book...starting to be more like the Louis L'Amour I know.

A group of men hire Tom Kedrick to get squatters off their land.

Turns out the guys that hire him
are the bad guys...
And the squatters
are the good guys.

So, naturally, Tom, being the good guy that he is,
(Just like all the Louis L'amour men)
switches sides
and begins to help the good guys.

Throw in a ghost horse...
and 2 girls vying for his attentions...

Here are some great lines:

"Everything was quiet in Mustang.
Three whole days had passed without a killing."
In a Louis L'Amour book that's huge!

"He was a tall young man with rusty brown hair and green eyes,
quiet mannered and quick to smile."
They're never short!

"All my life there's been trouble,
and where man is there will be trouble to the end of time,
if not of one kind, then another."
I'm pretty sure my Mom gave me this advice. 

Speaking of one of the bad guys:
"An' he won't lie or swear...
but he'll shoot the heart out of you an'
smile right in your face while he's doing it."
I love the ones like this...like murderers have
some kind of moral code...

"A tough man has to win and lose.
He has to come up after being knocked down,
he has to have taken a few beatings,
and know what it means to win the hard way."
True that!

On to the next one...
Hopefully it won't take me so long.



Jun 4, 2012

Kathy's Faith

I have a friend...
she has cancer...

She told me last week
she went to bed feeling sorry for herself...
(Who wouldn't)
As she lay there she decided
She wasn't going to let the negative
thoughts fill her with fear and dread.

She began to thank the Lord
for all the wonderful things in her life...
Her last words...before drifting off to sleep...
"Thank You Lord, for the suffering"

I want faith like that...

Jun 3, 2012

The Date?

Conversation overheard in our house:

Me: Honey, what's the date today?

Him: Well, Friday was the first...

Me: Yeah...

Him: Wednesday is the day we are taking the Pattersons into town...that's the 6th...

Me: Yeah...

Him: So, what date is it?

Me: I don't know...that's why I'm asking!

Him: Whats one plus two? Or what's six minus 3?

Me: What? Who cares!!! I don't want a Math lesson...I just wanna know the date!

Him: Gotta figure it out...

Me: I don't know how long ago Friday was,
       and I certainly don't know how far away Wednesday is...
       Heck, I don't even know what day today is...

       ...please just tell me what the date is...

Him: It's the 3rd.

Me: Thank you...I guess...

Him: Now, don't you wish you would have figured it out yourself?

Me: Yes...you just stole 15 minutes of my all important life!