Sep 30, 2012

Roundup Sunday

Kevin was here with the kids this weekend.
Therefore, I got to go to church!

I went to Bro. Jason Murphy's church,
Open Door Baptist Church.

They were having their Annual Roundup Sunday.
I sat there for the entire Sunday School service
when someone came up to me and said,
"We don't normally dress like this..."
"Dress like what?" I reply.
"This is our Roundup Sunday."

Sad thing is...
I didn't even notice.
I felt so at home...

Sadder yet...
I fit right in...
Jean skirt,
western shirt.


...i miss home...

Sep 20, 2012

Food Trucks!

Laura and I have a problem!

And it's in the form of a food truck.

The area we are in is about 2 blocks
from the group of buildings.

There's tons of restaurants...

a myriad of food trucks on every corner.
Every. Single. Day.

Every kind of food you can think of...
and some you couldn't ever think of.
Chinese, Indian, Vegetarian, Barbecue,
Hamburgers, Tacos, Greek, etc.

So, we make some kind of excuse to go down there,
Something the Farmer's Market...
then we walk all around looking for the perfect lunch.

We'll walk blocks, and blocks, and blocks,
checking out all the food trucks
before we make our all important gastronomic decisions!
Then we'll walk all the way back to the ones we like.
Never once complaining about how far we have walked
or all the hills we have had to climb.
(Which we normally complain about daily)

Today I decided on The Grilled Cheese Experience.
Then we went to the last corner and they had...


I almost had a major meltdown!

But, then I remembered...

(of course, I'll have to walk who knows how far
til I find out where they have parked)
But who cares?
I'll probably lose weight with all this walking!!!!

Yeah, maybe not...

Sep 15, 2012

Day 'I Don't Know'

No, I have no idea what the date is.
We don't know what the day of the week is.
Yesterday, Laura thought it was Tuesday,
I thought it was Thursday.
It was Friday...sad...

But the good news is,
we DO know what year it is
and are pretty certain of the month.

We have to know what the day is because:
1.  We have to know if one of our husbands are coming,
      so we can be excited!

2.  We have to know when to tune in to
     streaming sermons!

3.  And, we have to know when the Farmer's Market is.

They give us a little schedule
that tells us what we are doing,
where we are going,
when we are going to be there.
(I say we...I mean her...I just follow along)
It does have the date on it,
but we really just look at it to see
if we get to sleep in the next day or not!
Very important!
We don't bother to look at the date.
Cause it doesn't really matter
Unless...(see above)

Every morning we wake up
to construction going on next door.
Yeah, imagine our glee when we realized
they were gonna be working on the entire
street for the next 2 years!

We get up and make a mad dash
for the shuttle.
The shuttle really is wonderful:
I can drink my coffee on it,
We can sleep on it.
The shuttle driver is Mac!
He's a super nice guy.
Unless, of course, you park
in the shuttle parking!
He then morphs into something scary.

We have the blood draw area figured out.
We get there...
she stands in line to let them know she is there
and I go grab a spot to sit.

Then we go upstairs to the infusion floor.
Beautiful waiting room.
Overlooks Lake Union.
You can sit and watch the pontoon planes
land on the lake. Very peaceful.
Until they call her into one of the rooms
so they can poke her with sharp things.
So she goes in and sleeps
and I go back to the Apt. and sleep.
Yep, we're an exciting group!

Then when they let her go,
I come back and get her,
(not that she needs me to do that,
but, I've usually finished my nap by then).

We walk all over South Lake Union.
We get bored...imagine that.
We actually found a Goodwill store
about 5 blocks from us.
(So, don't blame me if you get used stuff for Christmas.)
And about 10 blocks away
is a whole foods market
that we would camp next to if we could.
It's wonderful!!!
We found a wonderful bakery,
(not good)
and REI is about 8 blocks away.
(which is also not good, considering
their prices.)

We have a rooftop garden.
I love the rooftop garden.
I feel like it's mine.
When I'm up there...
I feel like all Seattle is mine!
Not that I would want all Seattle...
(too noisy, no mountains)
We have little friends on the roof.
They are gray and cute.
And if you feed them,
the apartment house will fine you $250.
They sit and stare at you while you sit there
reading your Bible.
And then they poop all over the roof!
(That kinda takes away from their cuteness...)

Today we are going to
walk all over Lake Union South...
finding new places to spend our money,
new places to eat,
new things to laugh at...
...oblivious of the date, day, time,