Nov 24, 2011

Lazy Kirra

There's nothing like a soft warm kitty
when you're sick.

They come up on the bed...
look at you with sad eyes
as if to say, 'I'm so sorry you're sick...I love you.'
Then they snuggle those little warm, fuzzy bodies
right on in...purr so contentedly,
putting you to sleep...

Realistically, they're saying,
'Wow, I'm glad you're sick,
now I can sleep all day without looking lazy.'

It's OK...I just lie to myself
thinking they actually care about my well being.
And besides, who else in the house
wants to lay with me all day when I'm sick?
Answer me that???

Nov 21, 2011

Percy Did it!

You know, when your kids leave home...
it's really hard to find someone to blame everything on.

It's either you...or him.
That's pretty much all you have.
Well, you could blame it on the cat or dog...
but that's grasping at straws.
After all, everyone knows the cat
didn't leave her shoes in front of the door!
Kitties don't even have shoes...
and if they did they would be really tiny...
and cute...
OK, sorry...rabbit trail...

So you have to be very creative.
"Sunny, why don't you come over and visit.
We'll do something really fun!"
"JJ, could you come and stay in the house
for a couple of days while we go out of town?"
"Al, are you guys coming to visit this week?"
"Adam and Heather, why don't you bring
that sweet little baby over so we can love on her!"

They don't realize
you're doing this so you can blame
them all next week
for your discrepancies!

Then, it's...
"Who broke this?"
"I don't know...probably JJ,
he was here!"

"Who left the milk out?"
"It was Sunny!
She LOVES milk."

"Who made a mess in here?"
"Al and Lizzie were here!"

"What happened to all the cookies?"
"Heather happened to the cookies."

So, today, Russell gets in the frig and says...
"What happened to the frig?
I had it all organized a couple of days ago.
At this point, I must confess...I never, never put stuff
back in the frig in the same spot.
I'll come close...but it's pretty much
all about, cram it in wherever it will fit...
and it doesn't even really have to fit.
As long as I can close the door...I'm happy!
Never mind that the next time
someone opens the door
the ketchup commits hari kari!
(You just gotta make sure you're not the next someone!)

He gets very upset when I don't keep the frig organized.
So, I was so glad we had a visitor this weekend.
I could happily say,
"Sunny did it!"

Nov 14, 2011

For the Love of Christ

We need God's Word.

It has Power!
Real Power!

It has the Power to make us love Jesus Christ.

You know when you read the word,
and you feel so close to Him...
like you can almost reach out and touch Him?
And you love Him all the more.

That's the Power of God's Word.
To make us love Jesus Christ even more.
And then all the other things we do
will flow out of that love for Him.

But we try to do things for Christ
without spending time in His Word.
Good things...Sunday School, Witnessing,
Being a good wife...etc.
And those are great!
But if they are not coming out of our love for Christ.
They are worthless...fleshly activities.

One time while complaining to Mrs. Bemis about
feeling like I was going through the motions in my life...
regarding church, ss, witnessing, etc.
She asked me, "Why did you start doing those things in the first place?"
"Because I loved Jesus Christ." I replied.
"Then that's what you need to do again." she said.
How is it possible that I had forgotten that?

Why did God call David, 'a man after mine own heart'"
Because he loved God so much! He wasn't perfect.
he didn't necessarily wear all the right clothes...
talk the right talk and do everything perfectly
all the time.
He loved God.
That set him apart from every other man on earth!

Everything we do must flow out of our love for Him!
Not because we HAVE to...
Not because Pastor expects us to...
That's Religion!

But the Power of God's Word is
to make you love Him so much
That you ache to do things for Him.

Anything else is...nothing...
and there will be no rewards for that on Judgement Day.

Nov 10, 2011

Grama Musings...

 Seeing my baby with his baby...priceless.

What I used to think:  I'm not picking that baby up...
     there's nothing wrong with him and he just wants to be held.
What I think now:  There's no reason for that sweet little thing
      to be sittin there crying when I'm right here!

Conversation at the breakfast table:
Adam: She kept us up most of the night!
Dad: This is an adventure!
Adam: Somehow I thought my adventure would include
gold and swords...not diapers and poop!

Watching a little baby...
turn a young couple
into responsible parents.

Even when shes not here,
I can see her little face...
in my minds eye.

Fighting over who gets to hold her.

Conversation overheard at Penneys:
"Step away from the baby section!"


OK, I gotta admit...
I'm not really crazy about this
first book of Louis'.
Maybe he hadn't reached his stride yet.

Not a lot of killin'
Not a lot of fightin'
You know, all the reasons
you read Louis!

But it wasn't bad...
just not as exciting as some of his others.

It's about a cowboy
(They're all about cowboys in case you've never read him)
named Hondo Lane.
Louis describes him like this:
"He was a big man, wide-shouldered,
with the lean hard-boned face of the desert rider.
There was no softness in him.
His toughness was ingrained and deep,
without cruelty, yet quick, hard and dangerous."
He pretty much describes them all the same
but with different adjectives.

Hondo Lane while escaping Indians and
working for the government (army),
runs into a lady and her son living on their own
in the desert.
Husbands a loser, hasn't been home in months,
she figures he's dead.

Hondo stays in the barn one night,
falls in love with her,
leaves to take care of business...
and then in the end comes back for her.

I could go into more depth...but that's
pretty much the gist of it.

Good lines though:

"Patience at such a time was more than a virtue,
it was the price of survival."

"Women always think every man that comes along,
wants 'em."

"The big dog had been away on some business of his own.
From the tuft of fur at the corner of his jaw,
the business had concerned rabbits."

"Handsome woman like you, walks with her head up,
ought to kiss a man before she dies."
(Yeah...there's a truth)

"Under a quiet sky, a planet turned,
and horses ate, and men slept,
and death waited for morning."
(This is typical it)

"Wealth is important only to the small of mind."
(You tell it, Louis!)

"Partly they learn, partly they die."

"I got to float my stick same as you."

And the very last line of this book:

"And beside him a woman held in her arms a sleeping child...
a woman who would be there with him,
in that house, before that hearth."

You can learn other languages, too
Varlebena means forever in Apache.

That'll come in handy if you ever meet an...
...forget it...

Nov 3, 2011

Things I'm Thankful for Today

1. Fresh jam

2. Faithful friends

3. Video of Elyse that Sunny sent me, squirmin' and squealin'.
     (Elyse, not Sunny)

4. Video of Heather changing a diaper...
     (Priceless... couldn't happen to a nicer girl!)

5. A husband that helps me clean the kitchen

6. A black cat...cuddling close

Sugar, Sugar

Today I made grape jelly.

Now, I'm not a fan of making jelly
or jams or canning things.
I feel like I HAD to do it when
the kids were little...
why should I have to now.
I'm a grown adult.
I shouldn't have to do stuff I don't want to do, right?

But I was given a bunch of grapes,
and didn't want to be unproductive,
so I juiced them and made jelly.

Russell was in the kitchen...
sort of...
I use the last of my sugar and sit the jar
on top of the dishwasher. I ask,
"Is there room in there for this?"
while continuing to work on the jelly.


I notice the silence...
"The sugar jar, is there room in there for that?"


"yeah...I guess..."

10 minutes later I open the frig to
get butter so the jelly doesn't foam too much...
There sits an empty sugar jar on the
top shelf, in all its glory,
right next to the milk!

Nov 1, 2011

Thank You, My Beloved

Things I am thankful for today:

A new, beautiful granddaughter.

Sunshine on a Birth Day.

A clean house.

A child that is living the life you taught them.

Hot coffee on a cold morning.

A new, beautiful granddaughter.
(Did I mention that already?)


How God meets me in the morning.

How the fog lies over the mountains,
only to give way to the Sun...
like sometimes burdens and heartaches
lie over my heart...
only to give way to the Son.

Thank you, my Beloved.
(Song of Solomon)