May 11, 2014

Where is My Husband?

My husband is missing...

The man living with me now
has done something with my husband.

When my kids were little
I had to explain why I was
buying them underwear.
"Do they really need those?"
"Seriously, Russell...underwear...
yes, they need them!"

Now, when I am shopping...
I find him in the baby department.
And in his hands he has an outfit
for each baby...and sometimes more than one.

"Look at that little hat...Nic would like that!"
"Elly would look cute in that little dress"
"Blake needs those shorts!"

This is clearly not the same person
who used to grill me on the buying of underwear
for his barebottomed boys!

I like this guy better!
I can buy pretty much any sweet thing
I find for the babies...
and he's all for it!