Oct 31, 2012

So, I saw this pic on Pinterest...

Decided I loved it and had to try it!

I have an old driftwood plank
that I was gonna stencil our address on
and hang it on the house.
(See guys, I do use those huge pieces
of wood you lug back to the car for me!)

But when I saw this,
I knew I had to use it for that.

So I had my hubby
get L brackets and screws...

And here's what we came up with...
Cool, huh?
I will change it some as I have
some vintage travel posters
of Glacier Park
and the red buses
that I'm gonna frame and hang!
(my cousin is the head guy at the red bus place
and I'm very proud of him!)

Now, on to burlap curtains with sheers!

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