Dec 2, 2012

Dumb Phone

I have a Smart Phone...

But actually, it's a dumb phone.

It tries to guess at what I'm gonna text
with only the first few letters of every word.
I know everyone's phone probably does this.
But mine is the worst.

On my birthday everyone was sending me
birthday wishes on Facebook.
Of course, I was traveling at the time...
so I was enjoying them on my phone.

Everyone that wished me Happy Birthday...
received an insult for their trouble.
One young girl, Erica, was referred to as
How does Erica EVER come out Stomach?
Seriously, that's all it could think of?

Dumb phone!

I was asking a friend
if Pastor was going to start videoing his sermons?
It actually asked her if Pastor was going
to start cuddling his sermons.
Very embarrasing...

Stupid phone!

Sunny said, "You know, you could proofread them first..."


What's the sense of having a smartphone then!!!

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