Mar 9, 2014

O That Will be Glory for Me

I remember as a child
when anything bad happened,
a skinned knee, someone mean to me,
I could always run home to Mom
and she would hold me
and brush all my little girl cares away.

I wish it was that easy now...

I read a novel about a lady that died
and went to Heaven.
When she opened her eyes in Heaven
she saw Jesus with His arms open wide.
She ran into them
and cried and cried for the sorrows of the world
until there were no tears left.
Then Jesus wiped her tears away...
and for all of eternity
she never cried for those things again.

How I long for that time...
when my Saviour will wipe
all the cares and hurts and sorrows of this life
away from my eyes and heart
and I will never have to cry for them again.