Mar 8, 2012

It's About Christ

Today is beautiful and sunny outside.
Fills me full of hope.
(That's pathetic I know, but I can't help it...
light does that to me...especially when we
haven't had it in awhile.)

I went out to feed and water the girls.
I thought how I would love to be able
to stay home today and do some outside things
in the sun.

I had already made plans to give a Bible Study today
to a little lady my husband led to the Lord last summer.
She really can't get out much and looks forward to me coming.

I felt kinda deflated...knowing that I had to
leave the house, and the sun, to go sit
in someone's house.
Mind you, I love God's Word,
and I love helping people...
But still, I thought tomorrow the sun
probably won't be out...
(I'm God, you know, and therefore, know the future)
and my chance to enjoy the sun will be gone.

But then the Lord whispered in my ear...
"Oh, is it all about you then?"
"No, Lord, it's all about you."
"Without you, the sun would never shine in my heart."

If I could just remember this in everything I do...
How much happier I would be.
How much less selfish I would be with my time.

God gives me ample time to pursue my interests
and be me...
yet I want it all to be about me.
And it's not, it's all about Christ.

"For to me, to live is Christ..."


  1. Yes, the sunshine is indeed nice, but nicer still is the "sunshine" of the Lord's face and fellowship with Him. It's hard to realize that everything is about Christ and not us. It's our sinful nature; our flesh; our old man that gets us thinking otherwise. Keep fighting that onery flesh daily! With God's help and His strength you'll be able to defeat it every time!

    Thank you for this post Mrs.Hoover! It really got me thinking and praying!


  2. Amen!
    Thanks for the challenge...and reminder.

  3. Yes, a challenge to us all!