Mar 7, 2012

Just Call Me Creative!

I read a blog today from a craftster.
She was looking for some great craft she did
to put on her blog.

She couldn't find any earth changing craft to
blog about.

So instead, she decided to watch TV and eat chips
(sounds good to me...especially the chips part)
(I'm dieting...can you tell?)

While sitting on the couch being a bum...
she noticed a piece of paper she had doodled on
in the wastebasket...
and thought "I love those colors together,
how pretty that is."

That's when it hit her...
that is creativity also.
Just because it's not some profound idea
doesn't mean it's not creative.

Of course, this appealed to me,
since I'm not terribly profound
but would love to be considered creative
if only in my own mind.

Then I looked up the definition of creative:
      Having the ability to create
      Having or showing imagination
      Designed to or tending to stimulate the imagination

She said creativity is making something new that did  not exist before.

So then I thought of all the things I love to do.
Many of which I wouldn't mention
cause you'd think I was 5.
Trying a new recipe could be creative...
Changing up the pics on your walls could be creative.
Coloring is creative...whether you're 5 or ...well, whatever age.

Anytime you're making something that didn't exist before
you're being creative.
It doesn't have to be something that everyone will see.
It just has to be something that stimulates your imagination.

Gotta go...gonna go do something creative.

(Thanks Warriorgirl)

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