Apr 21, 2012


This is the time of year
where we get up every morning
and turn on our computers
so we can see if the mercury is going to climb
over 50!

It's our main goal in life
during the spring.
Wondering when spring
will actually hit here.

At this moment,
there are record highs
in every section of the country
...except here...
we're lower than normal.

We plan wonderful Spring events...
and get rained out.
We take the dog for a walk...
and get snowed on before we can get home.

Today it is supposed to be 65 degrees.
This is how it looks presently:

Thinking it's not gonna happen...
Tomorrow it's supposed to be 73!


See you when it warms up...
Until then... I'll be on the weather channel!


  1. Yep....
    when you live in the North...
    that's how it is...
    You live by the weather. 8~)
    We have spring for today...today...yay!

  2. Thanks Lis', Looking forward to warmer sunnier weather. Especially
    in Heron...cause' I know it will be beautiful! Annie's is supposed to open Tuesday morning @ 6am. Hopefully we will have the bugs worked out so everything will be great. We have a lot of great food and recipes. Got a great recipe for pumpkin pancakes to run as a special, soon. You guys will have to come over and eat. Just give us a week or two to adjust, OK? See ya soon...