Jan 9, 2013

Why Church?

You know how sometimes it seems
that the sorrows of the whole world
rest upon your shoulders
and you can't shake them off?

They begin to discolor
everything you look at...

Pretty soon you're sitting in a hole
that you have dug for yourself
and you can't seem to get out...
cause you dug it too deep!

I've found the best cure for this
is to go to church.

Doesn't matter what I'm going thru...
or how low I am ...
Sometime during the service
the dark cloud that sits over me
begins to break up
and the Son begins to shine thru!

I don't know if it's the preaching...
or the singing of praises to the Lord,
or the fellowship we have with each other
thru Jesus Christ...
I think it's all those things
all wrapped up together!

But it never fails to pick me up,
set me on my feet,
and show me that no matter how bad things get...
I always have someone who will stick with me
thru all the hurts this world and the devil throw at me.

I feel bad for people
who haven't made going to church a habit.
They miss out on that.

I know that we can read our Bible
and receive comfort also...
but there's just something about
hearing God's Word preached
that never fails to comfort
 my comfortless heart.

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