Jun 11, 2013

Crisis Averted!

I wonder how many years you have to be married
before your husband realizes
that when he talks to you about
how he fixed the car...
you are absolutely not getting it!

I honestly try to understand what he's talking about.
But I get lost somewhere after he says,
"Here's what I did..."
My eyes glass over
and my mind shuts down.
Wouldn't you think he'd notice
the lobotomic stare and drool?
So then I have to pretend
(that's a nice word for lie)
that I know what he's talking about

I don't dare even hint that
I might not understand what he's saying,
cause then he'll try to explain
(which will take twice as long)
and I still won't get it.

Russell:  So then I jacked this doohickey
back and forth and the fluid started
squirting up and out of the cylinder...

Me:  Mmhmmm...
(while looking very interested but thinking inside
"when will this horrible nightmare end!)

Russell:  Then I noticed it was scraping
cause the thingamajigger wouldn't clamp down properly.

Me:  Uh-huh...

OK...at this point I must ever so subtly change the subject
or I'll be here all evening listening to the wonders of mechanics.

"Want a Brownie?"
Food should always be involved...preferably sweet food.

He'll have a blank look on his face and say something like...

Then I show him the milk carton...
"With milk?"

"Uh, yeah...sure"

"What was I talking about..........."

Bulls Eye!

Another crisis averted!

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