Jun 10, 2013

The Love of the Father

You know what I love about the Father?

As soon as He sees you make a move towards Him,
He makes up the rest of the distance in double time.

The father looked every day for his son to return to him.
Watched the roads, lanes, looked over the fields...
waiting for his beloved son to turn back to him.

And one day, all his faithfulness paid off
and he saw his prodigal son, dejected, penniless...
returning to the only place he ever experienced real love.

And the father dropped everything
and ran to him while he was still
a long way off...

And then the most amazing part...
the father didn't reprimand him...
he hugged him and kissed him and
told him how much he loved him.

Our Father likewise...waits...
until He can see our heart turn towards home.
Then He meets us there...
we don't have to make the whole journey alone.
He knows...and meets us at the moment we turn back.

I need that
cause I've gotten lost before,
and haven't been able to find my way back.
But He always sees and meets me there!

Thank You, Lord for loving me more than I love you!