Oct 18, 2013

Rainbow and PeeWee

I have two new young hens.
Mango and Kiwi.
Very sweet little hens.
Therefore, all the other hens
are mean to them.

Poor little things...
Yvonne (chicken lady)
says to leave them alone
and not to watch them
if it bothers me.
I tend to want to go out there
and dispense judgement
to the merciless wenches.

But Yvonne tells me
that the pecking order
is very important
and I shouldn't interfere.
When I walk in the coop,
Kiwi flies off the roost
into my arms.
I'm certain she's saying,
"HELP! They're all after me!"
Yvonne says it's more like,

Russell called his Mom
to tell her about the new hens.
She likes to be kept abreast
of chicken matters at
the Hoover household.
Mom:  "What are their names?"
Mom: "What?"
(She doesn't hear very well)
Russell: "MANGO AND KIWI!"
Mom: "Oh...Rainbow and Peewee...
isn't that sweet! Is Peewee the little one?"
Russell: "...sigh...yes, Mom, Peewee is
the little one.

Here's the new girls:

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