Oct 29, 2013


Recently we went on a trip
and spent tons of time driving....bored...
I began to notice that street signs
are very negative.

'Road narrows...slow down'
How about one that says
'Road Widens, Party On'

Or 'Yield ahead'
I'd rather see one that says,
'It's all about you, just keep going!'

'Be prepared to Go'
instead of
'Be prepared to Stop'

Here's one I hate to see
when I'm making good time,
'Speed reduced ahead'

Let's see just once,
'Speed increased ahead,
blow 'em out of the water!'

'Divided highway'
That sounds so forlorn...
'United highway'
sounds much happier.

'Rough road'
OK...I never see these,
but as I live in Montana
they probably couldn't afford
to put them on every street that's rough!
Just once I'd love to see
'Smooth road'

'No center stripe'
Idaho seriously needs to
get some of these!
On second thought
it might be cheaper
to just let us know
when there IS a center stripe.


'No Outlet'
Guess I can't plug in my toaster
on this road.

Here's what we see in Montana
before they fix the potholes...

And here's what we see
after they fix the potholes.

 Or how about the one
that threatens you if you speed
in a construction zone!
I'm thinking they should pay us
to drive the speed limit!
After all, we're the ones
that are inconvenienced!
Or give us flyer miles
for every construction worker we miss!

I have no idea what this one means...
I think it means my heater's on...


Isn't this just what you want to
see when driving thru the wilds
of Tennessee on a dark, rainy night!