Nov 2, 2013

Dirty Little Secret

Last night as we were checking
out at a local grocery
the cashier was talking
about how they were hoping
to get all the Halloween stuff sold
so they could start getting
the Christmas stuff out.
She was very exicted!

The guys in line behind us
looked at her with disdain and said,
"It's not even Thanksgiving yet!!"

She hung her head in shame
As well she might
for thinking she could be
excited about Christmas
when Thanksgiving hasn't arrived yet!

I don't get this...
I love Christmas
and start getting mildly excited
in September.

It's like a dirty little secret...
All of us who love Christmas
have to quell our enthusiasm
until the first of December

It's like if you are excited about Christmas
it means you don't like Thanksgiving
and what's are unthankful!

And you're very materialistic...
cause the only reason you like Christmas
is because you want presents. should die a horrible death
if you even think about listening to Christmas music
until after Thanksgiving!

Guess what?
I've been listening to Christmas music
for two weeks already...
And I'm excited about Christmas!
So there!

Shoot me...

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