Jan 17, 2012

Plan B

Aaron is leaving for school Sunday.
And it is seeking to bring me down.

So I've decided I need to think about positive things...
instead of dwelling on the fact that my youngest
is leaving me yet again...
making my life pretty much useless!

Ok...well maybe not useless...
I do still have my husband to take care of...
but he pretty much takes care of himself
and me, for that matter.

Except when he is complaining about the frig...
or grumbling about having to go out to the chicken coop with me.

And there are the chickens.
They love and adore me!
I keep telling myself this.

And Strider...he pretty much loves and adores food.
Someone does need to feed him, though.

And the cats
Someone needs to feed them so they have the
strength to kill each other.

So, here are the positives about Aaron leaving:

- There will always be graham crackers in the box

- There will always be cookies in the cookie jar

- I will no longer have to make 3 meals a day
   (Notice how most of this revolves around food!)

- One less room to heat

- I'll be able to find the phone at all times
   (I won't mention any names, Melissa)

- I won't get on my facebook only to find out I'm
   logged into Aaron's account...well...except when Heather is here!
   (So, that's why I don't know any of these people!)

- There won't be video games all over the floor downstairs
- His room will remain clean at all times!

Actually all these things are bringing me down...

I don't care about graham crackers and cookies...
(Well, actually I do. I should probably say I don't need them anyway.)
And as far as the meals...I love trying new recipes...cause I
never do when he is gone.
The heatless room...since it's usually a mess, it stays closed and heatless anyway.
If I can't find the phone...I don't have to talk on it!
The facebook thing...shhh...I can see what his friends are saying.
Video games? No overnighters with his friends where I make them all kinds of
goodies and they think I'm the best!

The room staying clean, I have to admit is a biggie!
But not enough to make me not miss him.

I wouldn't have had kids had I known they were all gonna leave me!
Well, I actually had heard of rumors of this ilk...
Didn't know it would happen so fast.

OK...thinking on the positive didn't work.
Plan B...

Ignore it til Sunday when he actually climbs up the steps of the plane.
Then deal with it...


  1. awwwww.....I know the feeling all too well. But he is coming back again in a few months. I have gone for over 2 years without seeing my oldest. I know that doesn't help your feelings any....but I thought I could make you feel sorry for me and therefore taking the focus off you. And if THAT doesn't work, I will be glad to send Steve over a couple days a week to share his eating habits and...ummm....his video games too!!!! ROFL!!!! Love ya Lisa and we are missing Aaron too. Steve REALLY is!!! HA HA