Feb 29, 2012

Jesus, King of Angels

This is a song by Fernando Ortega.
I feel like I should pray this every night before bed:

Jesus, King of angels, Heaven's Light
Shine your face upon this house tonight.
Let no evil come into my dreams...
Light of Heaven, keep me in your peace.

Remind me how you made dark spirits flee
And spoke your power to a raging sea
And spoke your mercy to a sinful man...
Remind me, Jesus, this is what I am.

With all my heart, I love you, Sovereign Lord
Tomorrow let me love you even more
And rise to speak the goodness of your name
Until I close my eyes and sleep again.

The universe is vast beyond the stars
But you are mindful when the sparrow falls
And mindful of the anxious thoughts that
find me, surround me and bind me...

Jesus, King of angels, Heaven's Light
Hold my hand and keep me through this night.

1 comment:

  1. I love this!!!! We all need to pray this daily!!!