Jul 7, 2012

Creepy Toys

Many things have changed since I had babies.
They light up...
they move on their own,
wiggle, shake, vibrate on their own,
and the creepiest of all...
they talk on their own
from the middle of the living room
with no one anywhere in the vicinity!
 You're sittin there watching TV...
and all of a sudden
a toy in the middle of the room
lights up and says,
"We're here!"
OK...tell me that's not creepy?!
If that was to happen at my house
in the middle of the night,
it would get blown to smithereens!
(where is smithereens, I wonder)

And the toys are totally different now.

Nope. It's little pretend cell phones.

(No one in my house even knew what these were)

Nope.  Little computers.

So, I'm gonna buy these old toys
and put them in the toy box at Gramas.
So at least when I mention Tinkertoys...
they won't look at me with a blank stare
Like I've lost my marbles.
(They probably don't know what those are either!)

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