Jul 19, 2012


I hate to be repetitive...

But what's with the car seats today?
They weigh about 50 lbs.
not including the baby.
I have serious bruises on my arms
from carrying the stupid thing!

And could there possibly be anymore
snaps, buckles and ties?
First you have to loosen up the shoulder straps
so you don't break her little arms while putting her in.
Then you buckle the straps, and there's a secondary buckle
to buckle the first straps to the second straps.
Of course, you must do this while baby is wiggling,
kicking and usually screaming.
Not done yet...
then you have to harness her into the back seat,
so she can't wiggle, kick or scream.
Think of a straightjacket...
AND if that's not bad enough,
you have to turn her around backwards
so you can't see if she's still alive or not.

By the time I have her ready to go,
I'm mad cause I don't understand
why someone would make this so difficult...
she's mad cause I'm hanging over her
trying desperately not to cuss in front of her...
(I don't cuss btw, but if I did...now would be the time!)
we're both sweating...
and don't want to go anywhere anymore.

I actually gave up on the idea
of going to get a diet coke at the mini mart.
(I didn't actually give up on the idea,
I  had Sunny do it.)
I talked real sad, and explained
that I was burdened down with a 50lb. car seat
that I was afraid I couldn't possibly hook up
safely the second time...therefore putting little Elly's life in danger!

How could she say 'no'?