Mar 21, 2013


Never assume anything
while driving around Seattle.

Never assume the blocks are square.
If you take a wrong turn...
don't assume you can just turn
at the next block
and come back around again...
cause you would be wrong.
Where you might end up, though
is on the other side of town
before you can find a way to get back.
This does make for interesting experiences, though.
Yeah, I've pretty much had my fill of interesting experiences!

Never assume that as long as you go somewhere
before 3 you won't have to worry about traffic.
Cause you would be wrong.
I seriously think there are a million people
just wandering around in their cars
trying to make life miserable for everyone else.
...and they do...

Never assume people will smile and thank you
for letting them go first...
even though they broke every law in the book
to get in front of you and you didn't HAVE to let them in.
Not only will they not smile and thank you...
They'll probably cuss you out and tell you you're number 1.
(If you don't know what that means...ask Kevin Johnson...I learned it from him)

Never assume that the bus drivers
drive safely...
or even have a driver's license for that matter.
They go anywhere and everywhere
they want to go...
...cause they're BIGGER.
Case in point:

Never, and this one's a biggie...
NEVER assume the freeway
is faster.
The only advantage is
you're not turning so you don't
have to use your steering wheel.
Unfortunately, you're also not moving.

And if you're a good Christian girl...
you won't be after spending a few hours
in Seattle traffic!
Just sayin'...


  1. Love the pics of the buses... Have a great day! On purpose! js