Mar 9, 2013


We've never had TV stations much since we've been married.

So imagine my surprise when I get to Seattle
and see the myriad of offerings on the boob tube!

What is really perplexing to me is the reality programs.
Almost EVERYTHING is a reality program.

Why would you want to watch other people's lives?

OK, I can see it if it's about a smokejumper...
or a spy...
or a mountain climber...

But watching rednecks wander around
and do whatever it is they do?
Do I seriously have nothing better to do?

Amish Mafia...really?
I didn't even know there was such a thing

 I thought they were a peaceful people...

Did you know there's a show called, "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant!"
OK, outside of the totally uninspired name...
Are there such people?
You don't think the big belly in the front would be a huge giveaway?
Not to mention barfing, excessive weight gain, inconceivable cravings
and abrupt chest expansion.
Surprisingly enough, there ARE women like this.
They go into the bathroom...
And come out with a baby!
I've watched more of these than I care to admit.
Most of the time...with my mouth open in bewilderment!

Prison Wives

(Are they wives in prison...or are their husbands in prison. These are questions that demand answers.)

Teen Moms
Funeral Boss
(Do I want to know what they do to Granny to get her ready for the grave? I think not)
Lizard Lick Towing
(Totally don't even want to know)
Untold Stories of the ER
(OK, now this is kinda good in a freak show kinda way...)
Oh...and now there's one on taxidermy.

Now I will say I haven't watched almost all of these.
The idea of most of them just doesn't appeal to me.

But I think I could make up some of these programs and make a ton of money!

Day Care Mafia
(Don't Laugh...I've seen some of these kids! I might have even had one or two)
I Didn't Know You Were Pregnant
(This would be about that horrible moment when you realize the person you congratulated is NOT pregnant!)
Preachers' Wives
(Follow some of us around for awhile. You'll be hittin' the altar before the program's over)
Old Moms
(My mom had my sister when she was 39 and let me tell's a whole different animal than
when my brothers and I were little!)
Mourner Boss
(This could be good! A person with a crew of people crashes funerals and mourns with the unfortunate. You know, kinda like they did in Bible times)
Untold Stories of the Bathroom
(Use your imagination)
Trash Truck Tales
(I've dumpster dove before...this could be a hit!)

What does this say about us as a people?
We would rather watch someone else's boring life than live our own?

Ooohh...gotta go...
a new episode of Untold Stories of the ER is on!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Lisa....
    There are some pretty crazy shows on TV. I don't think that I have watched any that you mentioned. Though I watched Cake Boss & Hoarders.
    I like the titles of the shows that you want to produce....
    Some of which I could audition Old Mom. :)
    Take care and keep blogging!
    P.S. Are you coming to Missoula for Preachers Meeting?