May 28, 2013

Important Info on Boat Numbers

Russell and I love to canoe...

And we are very good at it...

As evidenced by our last experience...

We drove the truck and the car to bull river.
Park at the top...drop off the canoe...
drive back to the bottom...leave the car...
drive back to the top.

Carry the canoe down a perilous mountainside...
(well, not exactly perilous...just makes the story sound better)
put the canoe in the water
being very careful not to dump all our lunch in the water
(this is a very important consideration...after hours
of canoeing I need sustenance!)
and being careful not to get the lures caught on our face
...and...we're on our way to a day full of fun and fishing...
...and lunch.

Five minutes into the ride
there is a huge tree hanging over the water
and, of course, the current is going right under it.
No big deal for experienced canoers like us.

Russell is in the back...always..
he's the head canoer
which means he gets to yell at me
and tell me what to do
even though I'm probably already doing it.

"I am rowing, what do you think I'm doing up here?"
"We're going towards that tree...Row"
"I AM Rowing"
"Were going towards that tree...ROWROWROW?


When we finally come through the other side,
with various cuts and scratches on our
face, shoulders, arms, knuckles, knees...
(being very thankful for the canoe protecting our...feet...)
we have to then pull the lures and lines out of the tree
while at the same time not letting the canoe tip
as it's still sitting in the current desperately trying to get away.
We finally manage to get the lures free
while dabbing at the blood covering our bodies.
We row (and I use this term loosely)
our little battered canoe over to a little island,
(and I use this term very loosely).
It's pretty much a pile of rocks
with water running over it.

As we're pulling our pitifully wet lunch
out of the canoe...
"Honey, are the numbers supposed to be
on the front of the boat
or the back of the boat?"
"The front...why?"
"Well...I'm pretty sure we were rowing backwards."
"Just get in the boat!"


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