Mar 23, 2011

Why Am I Doing This...

A blog, I mean...
The answer to that is, I don't really know.

Maybe because...

Everyone else is doing it and having so much fun...and I don't want to be the only one without a party hat!

I've heard it's good therapy...yeah, don't really have anything to say to that.
After all, I'm totally functional!!

Or, maybe it's because Sunny Jane was bored one day, and REALLY needed something to do.
I was her project...sad...


  1. Sunny Jane did such an awesome job putting your blog together...

  2. I love the design on here. Sign me up as a follower ;) You're a good writer. ~Karen~

  3. I love the background too. I found it months ago and have wanted to do something with it ever since. Mrs. Hoover lucked out:)

  4. UH... I think it's cute and all, but you should change your header:)

  5. Your handwriting keeps changing! I have been sitting here for 5min. and it has changed 4 times!