Mar 30, 2011

Preggie Talk

My poor daughter-in-law is pregnant...

The reason I say poor is because she is sick 24/7
Pretty much all day long...every day
   (I guess that's the idea behind 24/7)

I'm having a hard time keeping my emotions in check.

She's sick...I'm so sorry about that.
But she's pregnant...I'm SOOOOO excited!
(You know, first grandchild and all)

Everytime I talk to her I ask "How ya doin' hon?"
"I'm dying, other than that I'm OK"

I feel bad about that...
But she's pregnant...I'm SOOOOO excited!

Today, I invited them to come over some Friday night
to spend the night...I miss them!

She said, "I wouldn't be much company,
I just want to go somewhere, curl up and die!"
"You can die here!" I comment.

I really feel guilty being ecstatically happy
when she feels so terrible.
But she's pregnant...I'm SOOOOO excited!

I want to see her little face,
even if it is green...

And the little tummy that is housing my grandbaby.
Even though it is still bone skinny!!

I'm sorry Feather, about you being sick and all...
But you're pregnant...I'm SOOOOO excited!

It's like Christmas everyday!!

Did I mention I'm SOOOO excited!

1 comment:

  1. Awh, how sweet is that?! Blogging about your first grandbaby and the mommy to be that is so sick. At least you keep explaining that you are so excited about being a grandma, that is good! Oh I feel for those ladies that get so sick when they are pregnant. I never did get that, thankfully! I may have been sick a little with each one of my 5 kids, but nothing ever to complain about. Hopefully this will PASS real quick for her and the real fun will begin of feeling that little one growing and MOVING inside her. Oh the memories of that, what a complete miricle of carrying a little baby inside your body. And to think that some women say they didn't know they were pregnant, I just don't ever understand that one, how can you NOT feel a baby moving inside you. Oh still such a joyous time. I am so happy for Adam & Heather, becoming new parents and for you and Russell becoming grandparents for the first time. What an exciting time in all your lives! Oh, guess I should say I'm sure Aaron & Alex are excited about being UNCLES too! Looking forward to your BLOG over the months to come. Have fun doing it.
    Love in Christ Always,