May 1, 2011

Random Conversations

Maybe it's just me.
Maybe I have a weird sense of humour...but this is a bizarre conversation:

Conversation overheard in said Tractor Store:

Customer: "What size file do I need to sharpen this chain saw?"

Salesguy: "Looks like they used a 5/16th on it.":

Customer: " that the right size?"

Salesguy: "That's what they used."

Customer: "So...what's the right size?"

Salesguy: "3/16th"

Customer: " it OK to use a 5/16?"

Salesguy: "Apparently"

Customer: (Looking confused) "So...if I ever buy a new chain for this, can I use 5/16?"

Salesguy: "They did"

Same two guys a little while later:

Customer: "Someone gave me this chain saw, what's it worth?"

Salesguy: "Don't know."

Customer: "You don't know?"

Salesguy: "They don't make it anymore."

Customer: "Well, how much would something similar cost."

Salesguy: "$300 or $400.

Customer: "Then I got a good deal?"

Salesguy: "You'd have got a good deal if you'd have paid $12."

Customer: "Uh...ok."

Customer: (Walking out)"Thanks for the files...............I think."

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