May 3, 2011

Skunk Wars

The Skunk Wars have begun at the Hoovers!

Every Spring when the little skunks wake up from
their long winter nap...
They come to our house to pillage and destroy!

Chickens, eggs, whatever they can find.

So we have to get the trap out...
every night...
buy cat food,
set the traps,
keep the kitties in...
cause they will find the cat food without fail!
(hmm... imagine that.)
OK, they are not this cute!!

And hope to see Pepe
in the trap
the next morning.
In which case, we get the .22
and VERY humanely send them to skunk heaven!

So far, we are losing.
Whereas, before the traps,
They were in the chicken coop every night
without fail!
Eatin' eggs, terrorizing the chickens,
upsetting the dog, freaking out the kitties,
in general being a nuisance.

That's more like it, although I don't think this is a skunk!
So...Night 1: Set out 2 traps...catch one cat,
a very contented cat, I must say.
(Forgot to bring them in)

Night 2: Both traps cat food.
(Happily, no cats either!)

Night 3: OK, just the big has a hair trigger!
Knocked over...not cat food left.
(So much for hair trigger)

Night 4, 5, 6: Pretty much the same!
No skunks, no cat food.
But we are thinking of taking out stock in Fancy Feast!

I think it's time for our favorite Montana activity!
Sit in the lawn chairs,
in the garden, in the almost dark,
This is what we do with them!
with our shotguns
and wait for Pepe to show
his little striped face!
So we can very humanely...

send him to skunk heaven.


  1. Oh....Lisa !
    YIKES !
    My husbands wants to get chickens(I don't)
    So...I have told him your horror stories about the skunks.
    Happy target practice. 8-)
    Take care,

  2. Skunk slippers. cool. js