Sep 23, 2011

Expensive Tastes

I have a problem...

I have expensive tastes.
Yes, I know, you cringe at the thought!

Just think how my husband feels while
shopping for me.
He knows if he gets anything from Wal-Mart
I probably won't like it...
(although I will act like it's the best thing I've ever received)

When we go into a store...
I immediately gravitate towards
the most expensive item in the store,
and absolutely love it!

There could be a whole 100 ft. long
rack of dresses...
and I would love the one
that you have to take out a second on the house for.

I don't look at the price tags.
It's not like I try to pick the most expensive thing.
It just comes natural.
I can't help it apparently.

And it's not just clothes...
Furniture, cars, jewelry.
I'm thinking maybe my Mom and Dad
must have adopted me from some rich people.
You know, like the Queen of England!
Yep, that would explain everything...
the expensive tastes, the need to be bowed to,
the funny wave...dumb hats...and the incessant
desire to 'ride to hounds'...yeah, never been
able to explain that one.

So, next time you see me -
you can call me "your majesty"
and kiss my hand.


  1. ROFL!!!! ummmm...NOOOO I will not call you your majesty and kiss your hand!! LOLOLOL
    I already have to call mom (Jeanie) Queen Mother so I just refuse to call anyone else royalty!!! LOL.....oh my....I won't be able to buy you a gift anymore because I can't afford you!!! HA HA HA....LOVE YA LISA!!!

  2. HA! Well, that backfired!! :)

  3. OH....Lisa!
    Love reading what you write...
    you are very intertaining!
    Take car,
    Mommy 2

  4. Royalty? The last time I saw anything regal; was a stag Elk in a pasture near here Humph!

  5. Paleez !!!! I have known you to long Lisa. You can't snow me. Besides, I love my Humble,
    Genuine, Down to Earth friend. However it's OK for you to have Fun and Pretend!!!!

  6. No, its true, Colette, I always like the most expensive thing in any store. It's a curse...

  7. OK Lisa, I stand corrected. However; there's nothing wrong with having Good Taste. After all you chose the Best of Everything when you recieved Jesus!!! I Love you.