Sep 12, 2011


Many people are sharing
what they remember of 9/11.
Where they were, what they were doing, etc.

I don't know why others do this...
But I would imagine it's their way
of keeping the memory of these people

That's why I'm doing it
for all the children that are growing up
without a Mommy or Daddy
For all those that unwillingly sacrificed
those they loved.
For those who willingly sacrificed
their lives for others on that day.
For those whose lives have
changed forever.

But I can't help but think
of the One who willingly sacrificed
Himself  for everyone on earth.
And provided, thru His sacrifice,
entrance into Heaven and eternity.
So that no matter what happens
on this earth...
No matter what tremendous sorrow
we must go through...
We can always have hope...
we always have somewhere to turn.
This life isn't forever...the sorrows
and hurts we go through will not
last forever.

Someday soon the Saviour will come
and take us to a place of endless joy...
and not sorrow.
Of endless peace...
and not pain.

"Even so, come Lord Jesus."

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