Sep 16, 2011


So, I spent the week at my sister,
Michelle's house and her husband,
Mike, along with Mikey and Mason.

Yeah, I know, lots of M's.
I talked to her about that...
she didn't listen!

While there...
I learned a new language.
We'll call it Masonese,
because it is, after all, his own invention.

It is Monsoon season there,
so there was lots of lightling and funder.

We looked at pictures
of his cousits on the computer.
That would be his Mom's
sister's kids in case you
don't understand Masonese.

In the evenings sometimes
they have Halloweenas
out in the yard that eat
the plants...
so Mom has to get the shubbel
and dig them up.

One of his favorite animals?
That's guessed it...

And he loves to go marshmallow camping.
That's where you sit in the backyard
with blankets and roast marshmallows!

Holy Rockamole!


  1. HA HA HA!!! What precious memories you have made with him. Of course he will deny it all when he gets older!! Such a blessing.