Nov 21, 2011

Percy Did it!

You know, when your kids leave home...
it's really hard to find someone to blame everything on.

It's either you...or him.
That's pretty much all you have.
Well, you could blame it on the cat or dog...
but that's grasping at straws.
After all, everyone knows the cat
didn't leave her shoes in front of the door!
Kitties don't even have shoes...
and if they did they would be really tiny...
and cute...
OK, sorry...rabbit trail...

So you have to be very creative.
"Sunny, why don't you come over and visit.
We'll do something really fun!"
"JJ, could you come and stay in the house
for a couple of days while we go out of town?"
"Al, are you guys coming to visit this week?"
"Adam and Heather, why don't you bring
that sweet little baby over so we can love on her!"

They don't realize
you're doing this so you can blame
them all next week
for your discrepancies!

Then, it's...
"Who broke this?"
"I don't know...probably JJ,
he was here!"

"Who left the milk out?"
"It was Sunny!
She LOVES milk."

"Who made a mess in here?"
"Al and Lizzie were here!"

"What happened to all the cookies?"
"Heather happened to the cookies."

So, today, Russell gets in the frig and says...
"What happened to the frig?
I had it all organized a couple of days ago.
At this point, I must confess...I never, never put stuff
back in the frig in the same spot.
I'll come close...but it's pretty much
all about, cram it in wherever it will fit...
and it doesn't even really have to fit.
As long as I can close the door...I'm happy!
Never mind that the next time
someone opens the door
the ketchup commits hari kari!
(You just gotta make sure you're not the next someone!)

He gets very upset when I don't keep the frig organized.
So, I was so glad we had a visitor this weekend.
I could happily say,
"Sunny did it!"

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