Nov 14, 2011

For the Love of Christ

We need God's Word.

It has Power!
Real Power!

It has the Power to make us love Jesus Christ.

You know when you read the word,
and you feel so close to Him...
like you can almost reach out and touch Him?
And you love Him all the more.

That's the Power of God's Word.
To make us love Jesus Christ even more.
And then all the other things we do
will flow out of that love for Him.

But we try to do things for Christ
without spending time in His Word.
Good things...Sunday School, Witnessing,
Being a good wife...etc.
And those are great!
But if they are not coming out of our love for Christ.
They are worthless...fleshly activities.

One time while complaining to Mrs. Bemis about
feeling like I was going through the motions in my life...
regarding church, ss, witnessing, etc.
She asked me, "Why did you start doing those things in the first place?"
"Because I loved Jesus Christ." I replied.
"Then that's what you need to do again." she said.
How is it possible that I had forgotten that?

Why did God call David, 'a man after mine own heart'"
Because he loved God so much! He wasn't perfect.
he didn't necessarily wear all the right clothes...
talk the right talk and do everything perfectly
all the time.
He loved God.
That set him apart from every other man on earth!

Everything we do must flow out of our love for Him!
Not because we HAVE to...
Not because Pastor expects us to...
That's Religion!

But the Power of God's Word is
to make you love Him so much
That you ache to do things for Him.

Anything else is...nothing...
and there will be no rewards for that on Judgement Day.

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