Nov 10, 2011

Grama Musings...

 Seeing my baby with his baby...priceless.

What I used to think:  I'm not picking that baby up...
     there's nothing wrong with him and he just wants to be held.
What I think now:  There's no reason for that sweet little thing
      to be sittin there crying when I'm right here!

Conversation at the breakfast table:
Adam: She kept us up most of the night!
Dad: This is an adventure!
Adam: Somehow I thought my adventure would include
gold and swords...not diapers and poop!

Watching a little baby...
turn a young couple
into responsible parents.

Even when shes not here,
I can see her little face...
in my minds eye.

Fighting over who gets to hold her.

Conversation overheard at Penneys:
"Step away from the baby section!"

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