Feb 1, 2012

Important Advice

If you are a young woman
and haven't married yet...
Here's a little piece of advice you're gonna need:

Never marry a guy who had fast cars
before you met.

Who raced fast cars
before you met.

Who got innumerable speeding tickets
before you met.

Cause someday you're gonna have boys...
And their Dad will have to tell them
about all the cars he's had.

About how fast he could go...

About how he got stopped by the cops
And even they were impressed by how fast he was going.

Of course, he'll tell them how it was wrong
and how he never should have done that.

But they won't hear that part...
cause they can hear the excitement in his voice...

And no matter how hard you have tried
to grow them up into responsible young men...
they'll have to try it at least once.
Cause Dad did.

So if you meet a guy like that...
keep in mind, that if you marry him,
and you have boys,
this will be a problem at some point
in their young lives.

Maybe I'm just sore...
cause here is what he had when we met

And then he upgraded to this

Should've married him sooner...

...and had girls...


  1. Lisa, Males have a born DNA in our blood. We get near a car lot and it begins: "I WANT IT, I WANT IT!I WANT IT! I can hear the beat now!

  2. Yeah, I'll just bet you can!!