May 1, 2013

Dr. Doolittle

We used to call my husband Dr. Hoover.
Cause whenever someone was sick
he always had to head up the critical response team.

Well, now the kids are gone...
and I'm in Seattle...
and he's there all alone...
with the critters.

So he has become a different kind of doctor...
Dr. Doolittle.
Yes, he talks to the animals.

More than one person at church has told me
"Pastor has been around the animals too long?"

Our conversations every night have to include
a running commentary on every animal.
(Thank goodness he can't tell the difference between the chickens!)

Strider's limping today...I think he pulled something.
I massaged his shoulder.
The vet said he should be fine, keep an eye on him.

Percy got in a fight...somethings wrong with his little paw
so I'm letting him sit in my chair.

Kirra woke me up last night crying at the fence
Cause I didn't feed her enough and she was hungry.

One of the chickens is missing...
not sure where it went or how it got out.

It's like when your kids are little
and everything you have to say concerns them
and you talk baby talk most of the time
and aren't sure how to converse with adults...

Yeah, it's like that...

Hang on, Russell, I'm coming!

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