Apr 1, 2011

Ants, Ants and More Ants

So, remember the ants?

Well, on the poison box it said to
squirt the poison wherever they are...
and they will eat it and take it back
to their little ant homes.

So, I am envisioning these little ants
licking up the delectable nectar...
Going back to their little ant homes...
Climbing into their little ant beds...
And gently dying,
(Providing you can die gently when you've been poisoned)


They eat the poison,
Go back to their homes,
And when they are just about to die...
They come back to the scene of the crime
And die all over the floor.

So when you walk into the kitchen in the morn
there are ants EVERYWHERE...
all in different stages of the dying process.

Some are already dead,
Some are moaning and dragging themselves around
   (you can't hear the moaning, thankfully)
Others are alive, just beginning to show symptoms.

I'm guessing they want you to know
what your dastardly deed has done to them!

The vacuum cleaner sits in between the kitchen 
and living room

Everytime you walk in you pick up the vacuum nozzle
And suck up all the ants...
It's part of going into the kitchen.
   (You wanna eat? You gotta kill ants first!)
     Possibly a good dieting strategy!

Occasionally, a couple will make it all the way into the living room.
I guess they figure if you're not gonna come in the kitchen,
they'll come to you!
   (The Bible's right about those ants, by jove!)

Second blog on ants...
I'm becoming obsessed!

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