Jul 11, 2011

City Mouse/Country Mouse

So, the reason I call my blog "City Mouse, Country Mouse"
is because I have lived so many places in my life
and have enjoyed them all.

There are things I love about the City,
And there are things I love about
living in the country.

I love the desert,
the mountains,
and the ocean.

I live in the country now,
and love it.
I love having animals
and land
and room to breathe.

I love looking out my window and seeing
Sawtooth covered with snow.
When missionaries come they always say,
"Wow, you really got it tough here..."
The Lord has really blessed us
with a beautiful place to live.
And I'm very thankful for that.

I grew up in the city and have great memories of it.
Believe me, I know all the negatives.
But we were happy.
I had a great childhood
full of loving adults.

I love being able to run 2 blocks down
and get milk.
(I am now 45 mins from milk, and
if I can't have my milk, I get very grumpy)
I love being downtown and seeing
the street musicians and putting
money in their hats along with a tract
and hopefully be able to tell them
about how wonderful Jesus Christ is.
I love the lights and all the weird people.

But I've learned...
it's not about the place.
It's not about where you live.
It's about being where you know God
wants you to be.

It's about finding joy in the blessings God gives you.
Not the blessings you work out for yourself.
We don't always get to live where we want
or do what we want to do.
Sometimes God takes us on a different path.
Sometimes He wants to see if you are
willing to put yourself last and Him first.

That's where true joy is!
Being where He wants you to be...
Doing what He wants you to do.

Give up what you love...
for what He loves.

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