Jul 1, 2011

Boy Mommy/Girl Grammy

When I was pregnant with my first child
I was certain I was going to have a girl.
After all, my sister was a girl...
why would I have a boy?

When Adam was born
I was in shock.
I told Dr. Waldman,
"But, I don't know what to do with a boy!"

"You do the same things you do with a girl."
"But, I don't know what to do with his little thing
when I change his diaper???"
Panic welling within me!!!

So when I was pregnant with the second one
which, by the way, was ridiculously close to the first one,
after I was done crying...
(You'd have to have known Adam as a one year old!)
I knew it would be a girl.
After all, my sister was a girl...
and I had already had one boy.
Certainly I wouldn't have another one.

When Alex was born
I was a little less shocked.
Perhaps a little disappointed
that I didn't have a girl.
But he was healthy and happy,
and I was thankful for that.

When I got pregnant with the third child,
I did not even consider having a girl.
I just assumed it would be a boy.
All Hoovers are boys...
and mine are no different.

I love boys
and have since come to grips with the fact
that I was a boy Mommy.
And I'm good with that.

When my daughter-in-law first said she was pregnant
I told her she was gonna have a boy.
"Don't even expect a girl."
"It'll never happen."
There she is

But secretly inside, I was hoping beyond hope
for a girl.
I long to buy frilly, lacey dresses.

Today we found out that Feather is gonna have a girl.

See ya later...
I'm going shopping!


  1. Happy for you Lisa !
    Have fun shopping. 8-)

  2. Awwww Congrats Grandma im sure she will be a very beautiful little girl. After all she is related to you. :)