Jul 7, 2011

Dentist Office Conversation

"So, you're gonna have to have that wisdom tooth pulled."


"Well cause it could get food and bacteria in there.
Then you'll have to have it pulled."

"So, I should have it pulled because I might get a cavity
in there and then will have to have it pulled?"


"Well, how about we wait til that happens, and then
have it pulled."


Hygenist to Dentist:

"2 and 3 Lingual"
(I'm guessing at this word.)

"Yes, I agree."

Is this some special Dentist language?


"We love it when you and Mr. Hoover come."

"You're so funny!"

Not really sure how to take that considering
we weren't trying to be funny.


  1. Just because it might happen doesn't mean you should have it removed anyway!

    Oh, and

    Lingual The tooth surface next to your tongue or things mounted on the tooth surfaces next to your tongue.

  2. Oh, wow, thanks. Now I can act like I know what they are talking about. :)