Aug 23, 2011

Car Wash Obsessor

I've noticed recently...
that when a guy cleans a car
it's just like when I clean my house.

I like everything perfect.
I mean after all... we live there.

But a car...
You only sit in it...
Well, and occasionally sleep...
hopefully not at the same time.

We were in Boise a few weeks ago
and Russell decided he wanted to get the car clean.
OK, to me that means going to a car wash,
buying the cheapest wash,
and then driving off
while letting the sun and air friction
dry it.

It does not mean that to my husband.
To him it means
buying the most expensive wash,
going to the vacuum center...
(never even knew there was something
called a vacuum center),
and taking everything out of the car
including seats, I might add,
and spending every last quarter, dime, nickel
to power an industrial grade sucking machine
(almost sucked my skirt right off...
...major moment of panic!)
to suck every last particle of dust
from every inch of the car.

And he's into it too!
Laying on the ground
so as to be able to see every speck of dirt.
I'm like, "C'mon honey, I'm bored...
I wanna go to Starbucks."
"You can't possibly be done with your
side of the car yet." he replies
"I can't?"
"No, you can't!" says he.
So then I had to act like I was vacuuming
for another 20 minutes.
(That's when I almost got sucked
into the industrial grade sucker!)
That's what I get for acting busy
when I'm really not.
That's a sin apparently...
(Now I know how the kids felt.)

My only question is this...
How can a guy that doesn't care about
the state of the house...
("The house looks fine, hon,
make me some cookies..."
"The boys bedrooms look fine...
we're gonna go play some basketball")
Care so much about something
you spend so little time in????

Can anyone answer me this?

Must be the Mars/Venus thing again.



  1. Oh Lisa....
    That is sooooo funny...
    and true.
    I guess thats why its soo funny.
    Take care,
    P.S. Sorry about your skirt.

  2. I think it's kinda like this Lisa; A car to a guy is a a reflection of him ---- Whereas a house is a reflection of us gals. Fair? Not when you consider the size of a house verses the size of a car and the use of each one.Sooo perhaps we could tell them {sweetly of coarse}after you give me a hand here, let'e bake cookies together. And to be fair, let's SAVE for the best car wash in town !!!!

  3. You're right Colette. Gotta let him have something I guess. How's ol' Matt!! Miss you guys terribly!

  4. HAHA! your husband cracks me up :)