Oct 16, 2011

10 Lists

I love lists.

I guess it's because of this overpowering
desire to be perfect...
(no laughing!)
I guess I feel if I can get all my thoughts
on paper, color coded, in order-
Then all I'll have to do
is follow the list, crossing off as I go...
and I'll finish everything-
and be perfect!

Of course, it hasn't worked yet...
but I'm an eternal optismist.
Someday it will work...
and I'll be perfect!

I love nothing more,
that to sit down with paper and pencil
and put my thoughts together.
Think about all the neat things I'm going to do...
and how I'm going to do them.
So I can be perfect!

This is October.
I currently have 10 lists going.
One for Thanksgiving:
we're going to my Mom's so I only have
to concentrate on a food list -
well, a food list and, of course,
a grocery list.

Then I have a new Grandbaby coming,
for which I am ETERNALLY grateful...
(Thank you, Lord)
So, I have a list of the things I want to get
before she gets here,
(did I mention she's a girl!!! That's a
big deal for a Hoover).
and, of course, I have to get a little area
ready for her here at the house
for when she comes to visit.
(Don't worry, Aaron, your room is safe.
At least for the time being...until another grandbaby
comes along and then we'll have to talk!)
Plus, I actually have another list of things I
want to make for her- crafty like stuff.
That's separate from the other list cause who knows
when I'll actually get to them.
Probably not til I'm perfect.

And then there are the Christmas lists...
One for big time housecleaning things,
one for decorating,
one for food (not only for Christmas Day,
but also for the 6 days that I'll have
visitors from Canada).
Technically, those are 2 lists, but they are on
the same page.
And of course the grocery list.

Plus I have a list for the ladies Christmas Party.
It's going to be at someone else's house...
(Thank you, Lord for small blessings!)

 So, you would think with all those lists to keep me straight...
I'd be perfect...or, at the very least, REALLY close!

A verse comes to mind:
Ps. 37:37 - "Mark the perfect man,
and behold the upright: for the end
of that man is peace."
I find that trying to be perfect, is anything
but peaceful...

So then, another verse comes to mind:
Ps. 18:32 - "It is God that girdeth me with strength,
and maketh my way perfect."

All my trying is in vain...
God alone can make me perfect...
because of Jesus Christ,
in Jesus Christ,
thru Jesus Christ,
and for his wellpleasing!

It's not about me at all...

Gal. 3:3 - "Are ye so foolish,
having begun in the Spirit,
are ye now made perfect by the flesh?"
And, of course, the answer to that is, "No,
the flesh will never make me perfect!"

I better go write that down...

Better yet, I'll make a list...

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