Oct 25, 2011

Supplemental Health

I take supplements

I have to...
my son works at Super Supplements.

He loads us up every couple of weeks.
Things I've never even heard of.
For every body part and function.

Every morning, Russell and I
dutifully walk into the kitchen...
open all our little bottles...
and start popping pills.
Takes like 30 minutes!
(Well, it feels like it, anyway)

And I think I feel better...
Or maybe I just feel better
cause I know I'm taking things
that are good for me...
(like grass, sticks and gravel...)
you know, a psychosomatic thing.

Either way, I do feel better.
I'm glad that my kids worry about my health
and want me to be healthy.

He probably just doesn't want to
take care of me when I get old and sickly.
So, this is like a preventative thing.
Keep me healthy as long as possible...
(I'm yelling, in case you can't tell)

He even brought Strider some
'good for you treats'.

Now, Strider will eat anything.
Seriously, anything!

Well, except celery. He hates celery.
You throw it to him, he catches it,
and once he realizes what it is
he drops it to the floor, never to acknowledge it again.

He'll even eat ice cubes.
But not celery.

We have found something else he doesn't like.
Organic treats. 

He caught it, dropped it,
...stared at it...
Then, looked at us like,
"Try it Stridies, it's good AND good for you!"

"If we have to take this stuff, Strider,
then so do you! NOW EAT IT!"

I have to admit I have never seen strider
so close to food without losing himself
in a moment of sheer pleasure.
I think this was more like sheer disgust.

We love you anyway, Al!
Not sure about Strider,
you'll have to ask him yourself! 


  1. Hey "Strider" isn't the only one who eats ice cubes :)

  2. Lol. You sound like my parents! They're ALWAYS taking supplements! All I take is vitamin D-3. :D Which is good for you for a lot of things like: strong bones and good dental health. Lol. That's what the bottle says anyhow, and I just got three fillings AND a root canal a week ago. (Actually, that was before I started taking vitamin D-3 so that doesn't really count.) Anyhoo, this post made me to laugh . . . and write the super long comment! The end!

    A daughter of the King,

    P.S. By the way (it never really is "by the way" now is it?) . . . who's this Strider person? Is that like a nickname for someone in your family?

  3. Strider is our Chocolate Lab!