Oct 3, 2011


Do you ever think about weird things?
I know you do, so don't even think
about denying it!

Like who was the first person
who saw an artichoke
and decided to eat it.

Number one, they are ugly.
I would immediately think,
"Bet those are poison".
Just by looking at them.

How would you even know
how to cook them.
I wouldn't even want to venture a guess
how to cook one if I didn't already know.

Who was the first one to say...
"OK, if you just scrape off the bottom of the leaf
with your teeth...then its good."
Who would think of that?

"And see all those little hairs?
Just scrape them off and eat whats
under them."

Now that I think about it,
they were probably starving...
Waaaayyyyy too much work,
with very little payoff!


  1. I've had them steamed at a frinds house. She had us dip them in butter before pulling the insides out with our teeth. It was ok, but way too much work :)

  2. That's easy Lisa!
    It was written in Norse mythology:
    A young sinful nave was confronted under the Yeggdrasil tree;
    By his Royal KingPastor, "Young Man" said he,
    "You're going to have to...
    Thus was discovered the Royal Aristocratic taste of the artichoke!