May 15, 2012

Favorite Movie Lines

We have favorite one liners in our house:
Mostly from movies over the years.

Here's some of our favorites:

1. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"
Wizard of Oz
(We use this when Dad's talking to us and we don't want to listen)

2. "Doesn't it just make your feet itch to dance?"
Shirley Temple
(Don't remember which movie but I'm pretty sure
she said something like this in every movie.)

3. "Laugh it up, furball"
I won't even say what this is from...if you don't know...I can't help you!

4. "So, Peter, you've become a pirate."
Grama Wendy in Hook
(Just so you know, if you look up Hook in
Google get lots of crochet pics)

5. "Go Away! Read some books!"
"Do you not realize I have had diarrhea since Easters?"
"Beneath the clothes, we find a man, and beneath the man we find his...nucleus."
Nacho Libre
(We don't like this movie...REALLY)
(I won't share the quote about stretchy pants, cause you'll all think I'm unspiritual!)

6. "Quick as a flash, I whipped my Edsel around"
(OK...I'm pretty sure 'quick as a flash' and 'whipped' cannot be in the same sentence with Edsel!)
"My whole body's a weapon"
(Russell uses this one a lot...we ignore him...refer to number 1.)
"Sun really beats down on a metal car"
(I honestly don't know why we like this one! Some weird quirk in our nature, I'm sure)
"Drop dead, that's who!"
(This is my personal favorite. It's like saying "You Too!" when you have no reason to.)
These were all from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

7. "Talk about your fixer upper"
Lion King
(We say this a lot while driving through Idaho and Montana!) 

8. "Don't know, don't care..."
Cuzco - Emperor's New Groove
(This one fits soooo many occasions)

9. "Look at that about blue"
Not sure what it's from.
(Helpful during awkward moments)

10."Now THAT was Julie"
"It pains me so..."
"Look out, Sally"
Rocket Man
(I had a house full of boys...they laugh at gross stuff!)

11. "And I am about to raise you right off the pavement!"
From Muppet Christmas Carol
(The boys says this reminds them of me! I'm offended...
I might sound something like this while defending my young! 
I love saying that...makes them sound like porpoises or something!) 

12. "Keep the change, you filthy animal."
Home Alone

13. "Ahoy, I sail!"
What about Bob
(I recently went sailing...said this a million times!)

Good Memories!


  1. The blue sky one is from Emperor's New Groove too. Kronk said it.
    It's so sad that I know that...

  2.'re right. Now that you say it...I remember!